Slim Case cellophaner

Slim Case cellophaner

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Semi Automatic Slim Case cellophaner (packaging machine)

About the ADR4000CD-SL Packing Machine

ADR AG offers a wide range of CD / DVD packaging equipment. CD / DVD cellophaner, CD / DVD Labeler and packaging machines and packaging machines.

The ADR4000CD-sl Slim Case cellophaner has been specially designed to a small firm with the opportunity to create a professional finish for your CDs in Slimcases "onDemand" in the house. Users who intend to pack small to medium runs of CDs, it can now realize easily.


The ADR4000CD-sl packaging machine is a desktop device that can be easily transported when needed. The first weld seam must be initiated manually using a flap and then the other seams are generated fully automatically. The exact process please refer to the following video.


Power supply:                110V or 220V 100VA
Size (LxWxH) in mm:       480x250x570
Weight:                         24 kg
Pass:                             250 pcs / h for the manual process
                                    500 pcs / h for the automatic process

Packaging material specifications

Leaf size (LxW) in mm:    267x151 (tolerance + / - 0.5)
Thickness:                      32 micron
Material:                       Bi-Oriented Polypropylene (OPP)
Sheet input:                   100 sheets
Input shaft box:             30 slim box


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