ADR Multi Cellophane MAX

ADR Multi Cellophane MAX

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ADR Multi Cellophane MAX

ADR Multi Cellophane MED can be used to weld almost every products, not only optical media.

Flexibility: Due to the proven shrinking technology you can professionally pack Slim Cases, Jewel Cases, DVD Boxes and many other products.

The advantage of our shrink packaging machines is that if the product fits in the hood, it can easily be welded.

Select the right system for your products: Multi Cellophane II, MED or MAX

Product details:

Max. product size (mm)

500 x 380 x 200

Max. output (p/h) 0 - 300
Welded frame (mm)     540 x 390
Max. size of foil roll        D. 250 x 600
Type of foil for welding                PVC – PE – PP
Type of foil for shrinking PVC – PE – fine shrink foil
Working height (mm) 925
Power mx, KW 3,45
Power supply, V 240

Do you want to convince yourself of the result? Send us a sample of your packaging and we will send it back to you welded.  

Our machines can be adjusted to every customers’ requirement.

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