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When in need of a few quick copies of a project CD/DVD without the help of a computer, the ADR Cube Disc Burner Box is the perfect solution. Thanks to its very compact design, the ADR Cube won't use up more space on your desk than a shoe box. Equipped with an input bin capacity of 60 discs, you can quickly create up to 25 copies of your important data in a single, unsupervised workflow. Optionally also available with 1, 2 or 3 CD/DVD or even Blu-ray Disc drives.
Special editions

The Blu-ray models are able to process in addition to standart CD and DVD discs also Blu-Ray media. Due to the high volume of a Blu-ray Disc (25-50 GBthey need more time to be copied, this could be very tedious, especially  if you work with an external Blu-ray burner or a PC. To reduce your copy and waiting time the ADR CUBE Disc Burner Box offers you a comfortable solution. The CUBE is able to burn up to 60 discs unsupervised in a single workflow, so you could use your time efficiently instead of controlling and waiting for the copying process. Also the price is in comparison to a Blu-Ray Duplicator Tower not more expensive and depending on size rather affordable.
The Lightscribe model supports, in addition to the standart capabilites,  printing on Lightscribe media. With this function you are able to start printing your media by turning around the media stack.
The big advantage of Lightscripe printing is that you do not need any ink cartridges or color ribbons to obtain a professional printing image. Simply load your image onto the hard drive and put Lightscribe compatible media into the magazine.
Compact Design
Store the ADR CUBE easily with just one movement

Perfect for events or messes.
Features ADR Cube 2: 
  • No PC necassary
  • 25 Disk capacity
    produces up to 25 discs in one run
  • 1 drive
  • 2 CD/DVD combi-burner
  • Multi-Master recognize technology (BATCH Job): This function allows you to copy different masters in a workflow (For example:1 Master 5 copies, 2 Masters 8 copies, and so on)
  • Disk Positioning Feature:
    opens and closes the drive tray automatically when the disk isn't placed correctly inside the tray.
  • Auto Copy Feature:
    The System automatically copies the first disc on top of the CD stack
  • Supports manual 1 to 1 copying
  • Dynamic Harddisk partitioning
    The partitions for saving disk images are created exactly as needed. Other controllers might pre-partition the maximum possible size for each disk (9GB for DVD-DL, for example). This saves valuable harddisk storage space
  • Supports all current CD formats with additional info such as CD-Text, ISRC or overburning von CDs.
For BurnBox with Lightscribe:
  • New: Directly label your discks with LightScribe support: 
    Lightscribe discs can automatically be directly labelled with the LightScribe feature.  
Other Features:
  • Language support for english, spanish and french 
  • Firmware uprage of drives is easily executed via Controller. 
  • User-friendly and easily readable LCD display: 
    Intuitive menu allows for easy understanding even for inexperienced users.
  • Auto Counter Technology: 
    Displays number of copied disks as well as failed copies. 
  • Account management (password protection): 
    This function authorises users via password protection. 
  • Quick Buttons:
    4 Extra Buttons for standard tasks 
  • Self-diagnosis during boot up:
    Immediately notifies user if an error is encountered
  • Disc Info Feature: 
    Displays infos such as disc format manufacturer name.
  • Adjustable CD/DVD burn speeds: 
    Allows the user to set the burn speed higher or lower.
  • Partition/Image Naming: 
    Name your Images for easier re-use.
  • Supports all current DVD formates including dual layer DVD9: 
    Device is able to burn Single Layer DVD±R/RW and Double/Dual Layer DVD±R formats.
  • Automatic Format Recognition: 
    DVD copier automatically detects if inserted disks' format corresponds to image format
  • Firmware easily upgradable:
    Firmware is upgradable to be able to support future drive iterations.
  • Future functions can be added via upgrade

Download BurnBox Datasheet PDF 

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