adr-multi-cellophanierer-ii -2

adr-multi-cellophanierer-ii -2

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ADR Multi-Cellophanierer
The ADR Multi Disc Shrinkwrapper will shrinkwrap any available format and size
With the well established shrinkwrapper you can easily shrinkwrap SlimCases, JewelCases, DVD-Boxen and many other products.
Using the shrinkwrapping technique the polypropylene sheet is neatlessly sealed around each product. The surface is always perfectly even and mirror smooth.
The product achieves a very professional look to be put on a retailers shelf.
The ADR-VM100 is a very effective desktop unit that is used for small to medium production runs. 
When you are packaging shrink films the center folded films lay tight on the product because of the heating in the device. At the same time the foil gets a crystal clear transparency, offers a robust prtection and it improves the look of the product. The VM-ADR100 is especially suitable for very tight spaces or for applications where no bigger machine is needed or wanted. Despites it's modest measurement, the device has an amazing performance. The easy handling and the fast packaging process are the well known advantages of the device. You can customize the welding process individually by adjusting the length of the shrinking process as well as the temperature.
Safety thanks to CE 
The VM-ADR 100 was equipped with an additional bigger roll mounting.
The new ADR-VM100 Plus is additionally equiped with a Polypropylene Roll spender.
All ADR wrappers have the CE certificate.

Technical Information

Frame Format:                              380 x 250 
Shrink Size(mm)                            380 x 250 

Max. PP width(mm)                         200 – 350
Rollendurchmesser (mm)                 100

Folienart zum Schweißen                 PVC – PE – PP
Folienart zum Schrumpfen                PVC – PE-Feinschrumpffolie

Platzbedarf (qm)                               0,45

Arbeitshöhe (mm)                             830

Stromanschluss (V)                          240

Anschlusswert (Watt)                       1050

Aufheizzeit (min.)                             ca. 5

Kompletter Arbeitsgang (sec.)         

You want to know how the rsult looks? Just send us a pattern of your package and we will send it back to you welded in no time.

You will be surely amazed.

If you prefer the Cellophaniering (works just with square packaging)  of your products insead of welding them, we also offer special solutions for all Cellophanier.

You can find a selection of our current machines under

All machines can be adjusted according to customer wishes.

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