ADR Multi-Star, USB/Memory Card/Flash Card Copy System with 16 target slots

ADR Multi-Star, USB/Memory Card/Flash Card Copy System with 16 target slots

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The new ADR Multi-Star Flash Card Copy System is designed to facilitate the reproduction of SD/MicroSD Memory Cards and USB flash drives by using an impressive array of 16 Multi-Card writers of the latest generation. This all-in-one flash copy solution runs via software on a PC or MAC and is compatible with all current flash media devices and formats such as USB flash drives and SD/MicroSD/CF Cards. The included software is able to:

- Copy up to 16 same USB flash drives or cards simultaneously or up to 80 different memory cards at the same time.

- Copy up to 5 different types of media at the same time.

- Copy 5 times 16 media synchronously or 80 copies at the same time.

- Multitask copies for all USB flash drives and flash cards.

- Simple selection of files and folders by drag&drop.

- Copies whole folders or only the contents of folders.

- Adding to existing files possible

- Check 8 to 32 Flash Drives or Cards at the same time.


Highest Compatibility

The ADR Multi-Star copies almost every Flash Drive or Flash Card. Supported are:

FlashRom Memory Cards such as CF1, CF2, Extreme, Extreme III CF, Ultra II
CF, HS CF, Micro Drive, MS Memory Stick, MS Duo, MS Magic Gate, MS
MagiGate Pro Duo, Extreme III MS Pro, Extreme Memory Stick Pro Duo, Extreme
MS Pro, HS MS MagiGate Pro Duo, MS ROM, MS Select, SD Secure Digital, Mini
SD, Extreme SD, Extreme III SD, Ultra II SD, MMC 1, MMC 2, MMC 4.0, RS MMC
reduced Size MultiMediaCard, HS RS MMC, SM SmartMedia, XD PictureCard, T

Trans Flash. MAC/WIN, XP, VISTA, NTFS compatible.

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