ADR X-Tower Flash/USB to disc duplicator with 1 target

ADR X-Tower Flash/USB to disc duplicator with 1 target

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ADR X-Tower 1-1

Flash media has become a more and more popular media in distribution which applying by various kinds of electronic devices for store and distribute data.

ADR USB Stick Copy Tower is a standalone, high speed, high efficient equipment which provides an easy copy solution.

With the ADR X-Tower you will obtain new possibilities

Whether you want to create frequent backups or produce discs, the ADR X-Tower offers a perfect solution for your requirements.
With this Copystation you are able to burn the data from your USB-Stick or Flash-Card directly onto a CD/ DVD/ Blu-Ray . With the smart Multi-Session function you are also able to burn several flash media onto one Disk .

If  the capacity of your flash-drive is bigger than the inserted CD/ DVD/ Blu-Ray, the "Disc Spinning" function splits your master onto two Discs.

The "Multi-Disc" function allows you to burn the data from your flash-drive synchronously on several  writers. ( up to 10 writers)

Also the ADR X-Tower could be used as a common duplicator for copying Discs.
There are no limitations regarding formats, capacity or flash-card like SDCH or Blu-Ray.

Alternatively types with XX writer:

ADR X-Tower 1-3
ADR X-Tower 1-10


Duplication from Flash-Cards and USB-Stick directly onto Discs
Standalone operation, no need of PC, has no risk of virus infection.
1 -10 disc copystation , CD/ DVD / Blu-Ray (optionally)
Multi-Disc, Multi-Session and Disc-Spinning functions
Types: 1 writer, 3 writer, 10 writer

ADR duplicators are high quality machines manufactured in Germany.

We grant a 5 year warranty on the ADR robotic!!!

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