ArtCoater CD/DVD (Refurbished)

ArtCoater CD/DVD (Refurbished)

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This is a special price for a used/refurbished machine plus compressor, completely maintained, well tested and with a guarantee of 6 months.
​Cleaned spray head, new lamp and 1 litre of UV laquer included that lasts for about 10.000 discs.
(Price for a new machine is 8.210 € - can be found 

About the Art Coater
This revolutionary desktop product allows coating of inkjet printed CD/DVD discs, complementing the innovative 'ADR PrintPro' range of CD/DVD printers.

Inkjet printed discs offer the benefits of full digital 'Direct-to-disc-surface' printing with fantastically high resolution. However being water-based, the inks can smudge with moisture.

Using UV (Ultra Violet) technology a clear coating of approximately 3 microns is applied evenly over the printed surface of the disc resulting in 'instant-dry' which enables you to place the disc directly into a PVC wallet without sticking. (Costs per disc about 1-2 Cents )

This unique technology involves applying a precision amount of controlled lacquer onto the surface of the disc, then moving the disc under a UV lamp to instantly cure the surface.

Copytrax Technologies 'Adjustable Coating Head Technology' allows the user to fine tune the process to achieve the desired finish from full gloss to satin depending on preference and disc surface type.

Unlike other disc-coating methods the 'Adjustable Coating Head Technology' is designed with minimal maintenance in mind.
Clean and virtually odourless, the Artcoater is designed to be used in a printing and duplication environment, with the benefit of low cost consumables.

Coating the surface of discs enhances and enriches the colours as well as applying a durable moisture resistant, protective coat.

The Artcoater Auto is a standalone 250 disc robot auto load/unload unit, with a cycle time of approx 35 seconds per disc.

Loading and unloading of disc can be performed during the production cycle.

Adjustable Coating Head Technology, ensures consistent quality every disc. The precision robotic head ensures precise placement of disc onto the turntable every time.
  • 4 line LCD
  • 6 button interface giving adjustable:
    -  Precision coating area
    -  Elapsed UV drying time
    -  Selectable count quality 
  • UV (Ultra Violet) coating applied by Copytrax Technologies 'Adjustable Coating Head Technology' patent applied for. 
  • 120 discs per hour
  • Adjustable for coating and finish - satin/gloss
  • Robotic carriage and turntable - 'designed-in' durability
  • UV Lamp and reflector assembly
  • UV Lamp operation 5,000 hours (easy to change)
  • Large surface area 'Carbon Filter' replaceable consumables
  • Self-purging - low maintenance 'Adjustable Coating Head Technology'
  • 110/240 V 50-60 Hz
  • Air input - >(70psi) 6 BAR - 15 litre minimum tank recommended
  • UV laquer - Copytrax Artcoat UV 1 litre
  • 7,000 - 120mm disc per litre approx.
  • Note that system needs to be vented to outside atmosphere

Dimensions W x H x L (mm) + Weight (kg)
330 x 700 x 750                        39
(not including extractor or piping)


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