Art Coater - UV varnishing machine for CD/DVDs

Art Coater - UV varnishing machine for CD/DVDs


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Provides professional coating for inkjet-printed CD/DVDs

The Art Coater is a standalone 200 disc robot that automatically loads and unloads inkjet-printed discs and provides them with a professional smudge-proof and water-resistant coating. The applied glossy surface also provides a better color-depth for the printed image. At less than 1 cent per coated disc the Art Coater operates extremely cost-effectively.

The coating is applied on the disc surface via a compressor (not included in the price) and evenly spread via centrifugal force. Afterwards the coating is hardened with a lamp.

Available as standalone version or as fully automatic machine with 200 disc magazine

Inkjet prints offer all advantages of on-demand digital "direct-to-surface" printing with fantastic quality, resolution and color-depth. The Art Coaters coating makes the print absolutely water-resistant, smudge-proof and UV-resistant.

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