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The BrotherJet Artis 5000 is ideal for custom gifts, giveaways, personalized printing, golf ball printing, awards printing, PCB Board, industrial labels, small signage, phone covers, indoor decoration, etc… 
It instant dry in prints directly on wood, PVC, acrylics, leather, glass, crystal, ceramics, rubber, aluminum, copper, etc…
Using our professional and unique UV LED inks, the uv printer works more smoothly and less daily maintenance is needed., as a result of this, head clogging is prevented, the color can be printed alike the real image, also pure white color is realized. 

Versatility applications

The BrotherJet Artis 5000 printer is designed to print on both rigid and flexible materials . It instant dry in prints directly on wood, PVC,acrylics, leather, glass, ceramics, aluminum, copper, etc… 
The BrotherJet Artis 5000 is ideal for awards printingindustrial labels, Small signage, indoor decoration, etc… 
The UV White ink enables the BrotherJet Artis 5000 printer to print on dark and transparent materials. ( Simultaneous White + CMYK printing mode is enabled in ARTISRIP software). 


Production Speed

Get your job orders done in no time. In production print mode, quality meets speed. Only 11 min are needed to print a full A2+ (51*71cm) size substrate @ 720*1440 dpi. Gain time, print and deliver immediately using brotherJet's proprietary DTS-U2 UV LED curing inks


Built from industrial grade components, the BrotherJet Artis 5000 small uv direct printer can directly print on substrates as heavy as 30kg.The print output is both scratch proof and UV resistant. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The DTS-U2 UV eco-friendly inks are formulated to ensure the longevity of the piezo electric printhead, the color output saturation and the mechanical resistance of the printouts. Enjoy up to 3 years of outdoor durability!

Printing Technology

The BrotherJet Artis 5000 ink system is based on an advanced LED UV curing system. It uses brotherJet's proprietary direct to substrate LED UV ink. The LED UV ink technology allows the creation of amazing 3D textured and raised printing effects.

Quality Printing

Applying the golden 8colors print head with 8 champers in 1440 nozzles,with a basic ink configuration of (C,M,Y,K,W,W,W,W / C,M,Y,K,W,W,V,V). The BrotherJet Artis 5000 UV direct to substrate printer can print on any materials with vivid and accurate effect. The Artis 5000 UV direct printing system benefit from the variable dot printing technology. For sharp detailing and small text rendering, the Artis 5000 small uv printer prints up to 2880dpi in high resolution mode and fires ink droplets as fine as 3pl. 

Customized ICC profiles are provided to get the most out of the DTS-U2 UV LED inks, Enjoy vivid color output and color accuracy!


Flash On Ink Firing System

Intelligently powered by brotherJet's FOIF system, the artis 5000 U printer electronically activates the UV LEDs when firing ink only. As a result the life time of the printhead and the UV LEDs is maximized. FOIF also protects the entire ink system including the ink pump, the wiper, the damper, and the cap tops. 

Continuous Ink Supply System

Unlike ink cartridges, this system allows for 100% utilization of available ink.

HIS System

Ensuring that the ink is heated to an optimum level providing peak performance with our specially formulated inks.

Gradient ECO UV LED Technology

Equipped with brotherJet new UVGC2 UV LED clutter suppression Processor technology. The UV LED light wave varies from 365-395 and deliver the best print color durability by drying the prints in different layers.

Automatic Printhead Height Adjustment

Equiped with sensors to automatically adjust head height and reduce the print head strikes

Unique lateral loading platform design

Unique design ensuring a better visibility of the output. Ideal for space constraints workplaces.


Control On Demand System

Designed for an enhanced flexibility and simplicity, brotherJet COD digitally controls the operation of the LED UV system. It automatically adapts to different materials and working environments. COD controls the UV Curing mode( Bi-directional, Uni-directional). This will result in delivering an optimal printing quality and drying time.

Reformulated LED UV inks

Advanced TIO2 in 80 namos to keep the ink fluency including W color

Auto Cleaning Module

Extends the printer head life by running scheduled ink system cleaning and maintenance when the printer is idle for a period of time. 

Safe Water Cooling Control System

Designed for operational extra safety and simplicity, brotherJet's SWCC system is built on a digital industrial chilling system. It recycles 300ml of an industrial cooling liquid. The liquid level is visible and refillable on demand to avoid the wearout of the UV LEDs.

Green air purity system

Reduces the smell and boasting with the air purification and the particle collection system.

New Wave Pass Control Technology

Empowered by the wave print technology, the gradient feathering print functionality of artis 5000U ensures the sharpness of the print output.

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