BOWADP 7100 - Shredder

BOWADP 7100 - Shredder


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BOWADP 7100, 7200 and 7300 is a heavy duty shredder for higher security standards, suitable for central banks, security bureau, armed forces, government along with customers from medium to large corporates and the disposal operators. Two shredding stages and different cutting sizes meet requirements for DIN 32757-1 security level up to 4 and allow to decrease power consumption reducing operating costs while it retains one of the highest hourly throughput of its category.


Through a rugged conveyor belt and its insertion width of 500 mm, a big amount of confidential information on paper support or small media can quickly be processed, reducing the operating time in a low noise level environment. Optimum cutting performances thanks to robust and low-wear knives and low power consumption guarantee a stable and efficient shredding process and long working life.


The machine can be easily operated by the staff in a secure way, according to CE dispositions. Its reliability has been proven through 10 years of usage by Government bureau, Police and military department.




  • 7100-200-300-05 Rev01

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