BOWADP 7500 Shredder

BOWADP 7500 Shredder


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BOWADP 7500 is the perfect heavy duty shredder where large amount of not only smooth and crumpled paper but also small media supports have to be shredded on schedule. Thanks to its first shredding stage the flow of large volumes of data is assured to be uninterrupted, cutting down overheating and jam risks. In the second shredding stage precise cutting tools guarantee high throughput in compliance with DIN 32757-1 and DIN 66399 security levels, reducing shaft wear and power consumption.


Rugged conveyor belt, centralized control panel as well as fully automatic operations require minimal personnel to manage big amounts of confidential information that can be processed quickly and efficiently in a silent working environment. With its hourly productivity of 1300 kg the BOWADP 7500 is able to provide one of the best performances of its category. Besides, robust cutting technology combined with electric motor with thermal overload protection and optimal power transmission guarantees a stable shredding process and long working life.


Through the SPS control with user friendly display the machine can be easily used by the operator in a safe way, according to the CE dispositions. Its reliability has been proven through 10 years of usage by Government bureau, Police and military department.



  • 7500-06 Rev01

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