MEP-120 CD/DVD-Sleever

MEP-120 CD/DVD-Sleever

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Fully automatic CD/DVD-Sleever (packaging machine)

About the device

ADR AG offers a wide range of CD/DVD packaging equipment ranging from CD/DVD cellophane / shrink wrappers over CD/DVD labelers to printing and packing machinery.

The MEP120 CD/DVD packaging machine from ADR is an easy to use desktop machine designed for 24/7 use. It's the only device of its price class that's able to pack up to 55 CDs/DVDs per minute. Such performance data is unmatched in the industry. 

MEP-120 CD/DVD Sleever Operation

Stand alone or fully integrated into a packaging line, the CD Sleever MEP120 is reliable and very easy to use. Load 
the input spindle with discs. Place empty sleeves into the adjacent hopper and press the start button. The arm 
picks a CD from the top of the spindle and places it onto the CD insertion slide. At the same time, a sleeve is 
pulled out from the hopper and held open in line with the CD insertion slide. The CD is then pushed into the 
waiting sleeve. The filled sleeve then slides into the finished product hopper. 
The unit has an integral four digit counter so users can easily manage quantities and a selectable automatic stop 
option (adjustable from 0 - 9999) can also easily be set to stop the sleever after every set run of disks. 
The MEP120 provides a versatile, dependable and transportable CD sleeving unit at a price to meet the tightest of 
budget constraints, whilst the output of up to 55 CDs per minute means it can compete with the more expensive 


The optional ADR Flap Folder can be found here


The MEP120 Sleever is designed as an easy-to-use, bench-top unit capable of sleeving CDs in volumes more 
normally expected from expensive floor mounted models. 
Capable of sleeving up to 55 discs per minute, that’s over three thousand CD sleeves per hour, the MEP120 can be 
quickly adapted to deal with different types of sleeves - paper, plastic, tyvek or cardboard - a feature which will be 
attractive to operators needing to accommodate small runs in their program.




 pdf_logo.jpg    Data Sheet VMADR-120 

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Power Consumption:

110/220 VAC 50/60Hz (self adjusting)

Dimensions (WxHxD): 15” x 22” x 31.5” 
381mm x 559mm x 800mm
Weight: 84lbs (38kg)
Throughput: bis zu 3000 Cases pro Stunde
Disc Capacity: 180 Papiertaschen (Sleeve) (Mittlere Dicke)
Sleeve Sizes: Breite 5.04” (128mm) Max 
Tiefe: 4.7” (120mm) to 5.1” (130mm) 
Innenbreite: 4.8” (122mm) Min 
Flap Size: 1.5” (38mm) Max
Sleeve Material: Paper, Card, Plastic, Tvyek
Media Compatibility: 120mm CDs & DVDs
Air Pressure: 2 to 4 bars 
6m³ /hour 
(30-60psi @ 3.6CFM)
800 mbars 
3m³ /hour 
(2.94 psi absolute @ 1.8CFM)

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