CX1000 Color Label Printer

CX1000 Color Label Printer


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About the CX1000 Color Label Printer
The CX1000 makes producing your own labels in-house so fast and easy that you will wonder
how you ever got along without it in the first place. Ordering massive quantities of pre-printed labels
is no longer necessary and there are no lead times or set-up charges, either.
Simply import your label files into the included PTPrint™ Software, specify how many labels you need
and then press "GO". It's that simple.
Printing your own labels saves your time and money in various ways. Design changes can be accomplished
immediately which means that you will have no wasted inventory space and the costs per label
are almost always significantly lower than outside vendors are.
Striking Print Quality
One of the best features of the CX1000 is it's incredible 2400 dpi print quality. In comparison to 1200 or
1600 dpi machines, you will notice an astonishing difference in it's overall quality.
Thanks to the CX1000 output, you will receive much deeper and far more vibrant colors and dot patterns
are virtually imperceptible.
For the most precise colour control there is an included Pantone®- approved spot colour support.
Impressive Performance
With an impressing printing speed of 16.25 feet (5 meters) per minute, you can print up to 500 feet (152,4 m.)
at a time which nominally equals an 8" (204mm) diameter roll. Once a job is started, it can be left unattended.
A built-in cutter automatically cuts the web once the job is completed.
You will come back to a roll of finished labels ready to be applied to your products manually, semi-automatically
or by an automated applicator.
It really doesn't get much easier or enjoyable to produce your own labels in-house.
  • Lower cost per label = higher profits
  • Fast & flexible
  • React quickly to the market & design changes
  • Superior print quality
  • Simple operation - includes PTPrint Software
  • Opens up new markets
  • Speciality, organic & gourmet foods & beverages
  • Wineries, breweries & distilleries
  • Coffee roasters & speciality teas
  • Cosmetics & personal care products
  • Nutriceuticals & vitamins
  • Private labeling
Many Substrates
The CX1000 prints onto many different laser-qualified label materials, from pressure -sensitive plain papers
to white and clear polyesters and more. A wide range of approved matte, semi-gloss, high-gloss and
speciality food and beverage label materials are available.
We've even qualified an all-new range of eco-friendly materials that are made up of 100% post-consumer waste.
Printed labels are waterproof, as well as highly scratch, smudge and tear resistant. They've been specifically
engineered for the best-in-class performance with the toner used in Primera's CX-Series Color Label Printers.
Dozens of popular pre-die cut sizes are in-stock and ready for immediate shipment.
Custom sizes are also available.
Easy Setup and Simple Operation
From initial set-up through running big jobs, you'll find that the CX1000 is as simple to use as any desktop office printer.
There is no proprietary operating system or inflexible built-in computer, either.
We offer free technical support for the life of your unit, if you'd like additional help getting started.

Advances Inks and Cartridges

Primera's micro-fine dry toner-based inks have been formulated for substrate flexibility, robustness
and low running costs. It is, in fact, one of the best in the industry for waterproof performance
and for long-term UV and abrasion resistance.
The four high-capacity toner cartridges are easily replaced from the front unit within seconds and
an integrated memory chip assigns each cartridge with a serial number to keep track of precisely
how much toner remains. This lets you select the exact cartridges for the number of labels
and the ink coverage you need to print, which prevents you from running out of ink in the middle of a job.
You'll also utilise all the toners in each cartridge, saving you even more money.
Primera and the Environment
Primera strives to be an environmentally responsible provider of state-of-the-art digital label printing technology.
As such, cartridge recycling is provided at no charge, throughout the world, for the life of the press.
The result is a less solid waste with fewer resources consumed. All of our products are compliant with RoHS and WEEE standards.
(For use with CX1000 Color Label Printer)
The FX1000 Matrix Removal System is the perfect accessory to the CX1000 Color Label Printer.
In a single automated process it removes waste label matrix, while slitting and rewinding your labels to finished rolls.

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