DUP-07 DVD CD Copy Station with 7 CD/DVD writers, 1 reader, 320 GB HDD + DP4100 printer


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Duplicate CDs and DVDs easily and swifly

Primeras new DUP-07 CD Copy Station creates up to 7 exact copies of your data, audio or video master simultaneously at the fastest speeds currently possible. 7 state-of-the-art CD/DVD writers coupled with the internal 320GB HDD and the DP4100 Disc Printer make this CD Copy Station exceptionally effective for small and medium disc production runs. Nearly all formats are supported (CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, rewritable media and Dual Layer DVDs)

Ease of use

Just insert your master into the drive at the top, load up to 7 blanks into the writers and hit AUTO COPY! In just a few minutes you have 7 perfect copies of your data, audio/music, video or any form of digital information. Thanks to the integrated 320 GB hard drive you can save jobs/images for later use. The range of functions is extended through several control options such as language settings, easy firmware upgrades of not just the control software but also the CD/DVD writers.

Wide Range of Applications

CD Copy Stations see most use in situations where high volumes of discs need to be copied and printed on the spot. Concerts, press events, expos are just a few common examples where the DUP-07 will shine through its ease of use and efficiency. Even in standard media production Primera's DUP-07 CD Copy Station finds applications.

Professional Label Print

With the award-winning DP4100 Disc Printer your copies receive a professionally finished disc label which will be hard to disinguish from pressed media.



  • DRIVES: 1 CD / DVD ROM drive, 7 CD / DVD burners
  • DRIVE SPEED CD-R to 48x, DVD-R up to 16x, dual layer up to 6x
  • POWER SUPPLY dual power supply 110-120 60Hz or 220-240VAC 50Hz (selectable)
  • DIMENSIONS 470 x 188 x 527mm
  • WEIGHT 13.9 Kg
  • WARRANTY 1 year from date of purchase, warranty 2 years within the EU

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