EPSON Disc Producer PP-100 - CD / DVD Autoprinter

EPSON Disc Producer PP-100 - CD / DVD Autoprinter


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The new EPSON Discproducer PP-100 Auto Printer
Production system for the fully automatic printing of CD / DVD media

The high-end printing technology and robotics of the PP-100 is now available as a pure AutoPrinter for everyone to use. You have a burning tower and now want to give your CDs a professional look? Then the PP -100 is the right tool for you. Alternatively, it is also the device with 2 CD / DVD recordable drives. The PP-100 Discproducer.

A special feature of this device are the individual ink cartridges which gives the system a distinctive difference from the competition. Compared to previous systems, the inks are actually here to 100 % depleted. Thus, this system achieved the lowest cost per disc for devices in its class. Combined with the patented Water Shield media you do with it from your CDs and DVDs produced a real eye-catcher and can the created media Ideal use for marketing purposes.

Easy to use software

Make playing a theme for your optical disk togetherImport all popular graphic formats, and add fonts. Anyone can immediately begin working with the intuitive software interface. 

You have the choice between three levels of quality when printing. The higher the qualitythe longer the print time


50 Media per hour
Speed: 70 Media per hour
95 media per hour


Maintenance of the PP-100AP

Approximately every 30,000 discs, you need to replace the Maintenance Cartridge.
The maintenance cartridge can be with only
Replacing a few steps.

The device itself is named with a lifetime of approximately 100,000 discs. That's enough standard users with a consumption of about 2,000 discs a month for over 4 years.



    • Reliability
    • Printing quality
    • Affordable printing costs
    • Comfort
    • Compact design
    • High Capacity
    • Single Ink Cardridges
    • Patented Robotics

 Epson Disc Producer

Minimum requirements for the Discproducer
  • Pentium processor with 700 MHz or higher
  • 256MB RAM, 512 MB RAM recommended
  • 7200 RPM harddrive with activated DMA
  • USB 2.0 required
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7
  • Now also with free Epson Total Disc Maker software for Apple MAC OS systems: 
    10.7.3 Lion
    10.6.8 Snow Leopard

Epson Disc Producer

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