IMI M7100 Industrie SD Karten Tester

IMI M7100 Industrie SD Karten Tester

IMI International Microsystems Incorporated

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CF Production Tester

The M7100 is a 4 to 64 socket bench top Production Tester for Compact Flash Cards, SD Cards, and Linear Flash Cards. The M7100 is a modular tester supporting a variety of device types. Each M7100 can hold up to eight modules and thus the maximum capacity is either 32 or 64 devices depending upon the number of sockets per module.

CF Testing Functions:

  • Fast parallel tester executing user defined test scripts that are constructed using a powerful yet easily understood GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • DC parametric leakage testing with 1 ua resolution
  • ICC measurement
  • VCC margining
  • Write/read speed testing
  • User defined mode
  • Command testing including controller specific low level formatting

Initial production of Flash devices invariably requires low level formatting and possible special hardware interfacing. The modular structure of the M7100 hardware and software allows the M7100 to be easily adapted to the low level formatting and testing of a wide variety of Flash devices including SD cards, CF cards, IDE single chip PATA devices, linear Flash memory devices, etc.

The M7100 runs under a full featured Linux operating system with a 17" LCD, keyboard, and mouse. Network interface is through 10/100 Ethernet connection.

A complimentary engineering tester, the M7200 CF/SD Engineering Tester is available which holds up to two of the M7100 adapters and shares the identical hardware and software capabilities of the M7100.


Feature SD MMC CF
Full Linux Operating System x x x
Parametric Tests - Leakage To Ground, Leakage To Vcc, Cross Leakage, Open Pin x x x
Functional Tests - Read/Write/Verify x x x
Standby Icc Measurement x x x
Read/Write Speed Test x x x
Low Level Controller Initialization/Firmware Download(1) x x x
Base Unit Supports 4/8/12/16/20/24/28/32 sockets x
Base Unit Supports 8/16/24/32/40/48/56/64 Sockets x x
Removable System Drive x x x
Independent Power Supply For Test Modules x x x
Parallel Testing.Most Tests Can Be Done In Parallel x x x
GUI Allows Selection, Build and Edit of JOB Functions x x x
Terminal Console For Inputting Commands x x x
Supports TCL Scripting x x x
Can Implement Vendor Specific Commands x x x
Burn-In Test (Continuous Loop) x x x
Duplication From A Binary Image x x x
Easily Removable Test Module x x x
Supports All CF Modes - Memory Map, I/O Map,True IDE,DMA and UDMA x
Supports Type I and Type II CF x
Supports IDE Flash Module x
Supports IDE Drive x
Vcc Margin Testing (+/- 10%) on the 3.3V and 5.0V rail x
Verify IDDrive Information x
Supports Custom IDE/ATA Device Using Custom Adapter x
Supports LBA48 Addressing x
Supports SD2.0 (SDHC) x
Supports MMC 4.2 x
Adjustable SD/MMC Clock x x
Vcc Margin Testing (+/- 10%) on the 3.3V rail x x

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