Speedstar Pro cellophaner

Speedstar Pro cellophaner

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Speedstar Pro cellophaner
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About the unit
Save time and money with the cellophaner of the Speedstar series. Based on the Speed Star 1 has the SpeedstarPro which designed the packaging of the media even easier via a semi-automatic feeder.
Check out the video and judge for yourself after a short training phase provides an employee with the SpeedstarPro up to 300 packages per hour.
Cheaper cost
Compare the prices of the Speedstar Zellophanierer with other solutions in the market and you will notice the huge difference in cost . In addition, you must not use pre-cut films at the Speed Star appliances but can pack directly from the industrially produced polypropylenes roles. Thus the cellophane wrapped per medium costs only a fraction .
This will save you at each packaged CD or DVD, day after day.
All Speedstar models can both Jewell Cases and DVD Boxes ( Amaray format) process ! It takes only 2-3 minutes a different role inzulegen and already can be processed the other format . Must be adjusted on the device mechanically nothing . All other products on the market only work with one format. And only the Speedstar models can also polypropylenes with tear- seam process the packaging easier to open .
We will gladly send you on request a sample of the packaging . contact
Fast and precise
An experienced staff creates with ease 300 pcs per hour. The film laminating simply goes out of hand and can be done easily by unskilled workers.
Such is the result obtained :

Perfect quality stitching as in industrial production.
Explore the video of the Speedstar Pro Jewel Case and DVD Box cellophaner:

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