Primera CX1200 label printer

Primera CX1200 label printer


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Digital web printing with

the Label Printer CX1200e

Digital full-color label printing has a number of significant advantages. But so far,were role digital printers an expensive investment 

both in time and money. The market is ripe for a simple and cost effective Lösung.Darum Primera developed the new 
CX1200 roll digital printer. 
The CX1200 offers the same quality, speed and flexibility such as professional digital printers at far lesser cost.



Print quality of the CX1200

The role CX1200 printer has one of the fastest and equipped with the highest-resolution color laser modules that are currently available on the market. With a print resolution of 2400 dpi fabulous qualitatively produce the same or even higher quality labels produced on digital printing systems - only much cheaper. Colors are brilliant and bright, text amazingly crisp. Bar codes and graphics are of the highest print quality.

A precise color control is ensured by the Pantone ®-certified color support. Other profiles for various materials are also available.


Ease of use

From the installation of the printer, to the construction of large print jobs 
- The operation of the system is always simple and intuitive.

If you initially need assistance in handling, we offer free training sessions at our locations in the U.S., Europe 
and the Asia-Pacific region to. For a small fee we will come directly to you. Once the printer is at your site, 
we help you install and train your employees.


Impressive print speed label printing 
The printing speed is 5 meters per minute. You can print in a run up to 381 m. This corresponds roughly to a label roll with a diameter of 305 mm.


precise winding

Primera's exclusive IntelliTorque ™ tension control system monitors the role of tension during the entire production process. The measurement results using the system to variably adjust the torque of the take-up reel. This will always get perfect, tightly wound rolls. The IntelliTorque is unique in the digital printing industry.

A variety of material selection

The CX1200 provides maximum flexibility in the choice of materials and printed wide variety of substrates, whether self-adhesive paper, white or transparent polyester rolls and much more A wide range of tested matt, semi-gloss and glossy label rolls allows you to select the right material according to customer requirements.

Sophisticated ink and cartridges

Primera particle-fine dry toner-based ink ensures maximum Materialflexibi-quality, robustness and low running 
Costs. The rate of wear and UV resistance are among the best on the market.

The exchange of the four high-yield toner cartridge is easily done in seconds at the front of the printer. The built-in memory, each cartridge to a serial number and can thus follow exactly how much toner is left in each cartridge. For each job you the amount of toner required is displayed so that you can exchange cartridges in advance if necessary. This ensures a job coping without annoying interruptions. The cartridges have already been used with residual toner can be used for smaller print jobs. Use as the complete content of each toner cartridge and optimize your printing costs.


New markets for labels

With the CX1200 therefore open up for you to completely new markets. 
Every little company wants to act professionally to customers, hence the need for full-color labels in photo quality is greater than ever. 
Digital printing can meet the growing demand and assures you that new sources of revenue. Soon you can not even save themselves from new orders.

Best solution for digital label printing

Whether you already own a professional digital printing system, or just build a service operation, the CX1200 printer roll is the best 
Solution for printing small to medium label runs in this price segment.

Secure Your Productivity

Primera's technically very well trained service staff is ready to ensure the usability of your role digital printer. Technical 
Support is available worldwide and in the most important languages via telephone or email. Programs that the service focuses installation, 
Cover training and repair, are also available. Selected locations also offer on-site maintenance and service.

All routine maintenance units can easily through your 
own employees to run. The only consumables 
In addition to the toner cartridges are the Image Transfer Unit (ITU), the fuser 
and the residual toner container.


Innovative Technology from an Industry Leader

Reflect 33 years of development experience in the specialty printing systems a global company with worldwide locations 
the reliability and quality of all Primera products again. Over a million printers have already been produced and sold in more than 157 countries.

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