Primera Disc Publisher 4102 XRP CD/DVD copying robot

Primera Disc Publisher 4102 XRP CD/DVD copying robot


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Primera Disc Publisher 4102 XRP CD/DVD copying robot 

Primera with 2x 50s magazine and two CD / DVD burners.

The fastest disc publishers in the world 
including 4-color 4800 dpi InkJet Printer


Three Disc Publisher 4100 series, each with a capacity of 100 discs to choose from: 

  • Disc Publisher DP-4100 - Print Only Version without burning drive; ideal for use with existing Duplicators without printing.
  • Disc Publisher DP-4101 - with an integrated burning drive
  • Disc Publisher DP-4102 - with two built-recordable drives for even faster production processes


The fully automated CD / DVD burning robot is easy to use. After 5-10 minutes, you can already start the first production orders with this unit after installation. Whether from a master, an image file or drag and drop it with the usual file explorer. With the bundled layout and printing software to create professional layouts that are then integrated into the production order. Of course you can also use your previously used layout program and import the graphics or the CD / DVD print from existing graphics programs.



The focus of the new Disc Publisher 4100 series was the significant increase in the throughput volume. Therefore, at the beginning of the development phase, all the components of disc publishers such as Tested robotics, gripping mechanism and software in terms of their efficiency and productivity and reviewed in detail on potential for improvement.

Fast printing and precision robotics 
Currently, the Disc Publisher DP-4100 series are certainly the fastest duplication and printing systems in the world. In just six seconds, a disc is printed over the entire surface and high in quality. You will be surprised how quickly now your media production is completed.

In fact, the DP-4100 Series is up to 20 times faster than the competition at a similar print quality *. This speed advantage makes it the fastest disc publisher series in the world.

About the Primera Disc Publisher 4102

The Disc Publisher 4100 Series is the evolution of the LX900 print engine with Single Ink tanks 
for duplication systems with recordable drives and a production capacity of 100 discs per job.

Through the further development of technology and design the models in our product range are not only more efficient and faster, but more reliable than their predecessors. The 4100 series is the ideal solution for the automated production of blown and printed optical media in professional quality.


Optimized Robotics

The pick-up and transport mechanism (robotics) has also been optimized. A precision belt drive with processor-controlled stepper motor increases the throughput speed - in this case, the DP-4100 Series three times. This allows a smooth and quiet production. 
Transport errors or the simultaneous gripping of two discs lead to unwanted production stops and can even damage the internal drives. AccuDisc ™, the gripping technology Primera, prevents this error and supply is through a combination of patented mechanics and innovative software world leader in the industry.

The speed of the seventh-generation AccuDisc has also increased by 200%.



Software of the Primera Disc Publisher Xi burning robot
SSS software of the Primera Disc Publisher 4101 burning robot

The operation of the DP-4100 Series is as easy as printing to any office printer. Dealing with Primera's PTPublisher ™ software is learned thanks to the wizard-driven user interface in just a few minutes .. 
Select job type (eg, data, video or music disc) and print motif and then finally click "GO". So easy!

The integrated design software SureThing ™ Primera Edition is intended for designing layouts in Windows. Mac users use Disc Cover ™. It can take photos, background images, text and graphics can be placed anywhere on the disc surface. Unlike other publishers devices, you can make it the complete surface borderless up to the inner ring

In addition, built-in software applications including:

The following software modules are also integrated: 
PTRip ™: automatically digitized music CDs and transferred the songs available in the Apple ® iTunes ® (works with iPhone ®, iPod ® and iPod Touch ®) or in the Microsoft ® Windows Media Player. 
PTBackUp ™: automatically create scheduled backups of your files to CDs, DVDs or optional Blu-ray discs. 
PTProtect ™: prevents unauthorized copying of your video DVDs. Three firings with copy are already included.

Easy to integrate 
Vertical applications often require a direct integration into existing application environments. Examples of such applications include medical imaging and PACS in DICOM format, monitoring and archiving systems in law enforcement or on-demand solutions for video and audio data. To simplify the integration process, provides qualified developers Primera free software developer's kit (SDK) for both Windows and Mac platforms.

Professional print image 

  • The integrated Tintentstrahl printing module Lexmark ®, a leader in the printing industry convinced by the highest in disc duplication and printing systems print resolution of 4800 dpi


To achieve the best printing results and to really produce professional discs, use the best TuffCoat media with Water Shield ™ finish of Primera. TuffCoat-WaterShield media are water-, scratch-and smudge-resistant and have a brilliant glossy finish. Of course you can also use optical media from other manufacturers. These disks must be only tintentstrahl-printable                                                                                .
 blu-ray-80.png The models of the DP-4100 series are available with an optional Blu-ray Disc ™ recordable drives the latest generation On customer. Blu-ray discs will allow the recording of high-definition video at up to 25 GB for single-layer media, or 50GB on dual-layer media. Of course, these capacities can also be used for backup of documents, photos and other files.  tuff-coat-cd.jpg

Integrated 4800 dpi inkjet printer 
Disc Publisher II produces stunningly beautiful color prints with a color resolution of up to 4800dpi - the highest on the market. You will be able to produce CDs with high-resolution text, graphics, or even photos with a professional appearance. The print speed is impressive. To print the CD shown here at 600 x 600 dpi only 54 seconds were needed.


PT-Burn network software

As an additional option, the software PTBurn is available, which offers you all the functionality in a network. Then the orders are decentralized in the workplaces and sent to the server on which the Primera Disc Publisher II is connected. (PTBurn is only available for PC)

Exclusive AccuDisc™ Technology

The new AkkuDisk technology, which was filed with Primera's patent provides as a result of hardware and firmware enhancements the most accurate and most precise gripping mechanism to the increase of the CD, which is available on the market today, dar. Through the use of high technology LED optics to point of mechanical components removed AkkuDisk the misalignment of the pick mechanism. Also the double inserting CDs into the taping disk drive is prevented - a common problem with other gripping systems, which can lead to the destruction of the drive


Wide range of media

Apart from the usual 120 mm Media also various other media formats such as business card CDs and 80mm media can be used with the Disc Publisher II. For this purpose, an additional media adapter kit is required

PTRip - the personal music studio 
ADR AG is now offering the software "PTRip", which is compatible with all devices Publisher Primera Disc for printing and burning. Users of this burning and printing robot get the software for free.

PoINT Publisher - the complete package for CD / DVD On-Demand Production

Recognized standards and low cost of CD / DVD recorders and media are the reasons for the great success of the CD / DVD recording technology. You can burn CDs and DVDs with just a recorder and manually change the media is in a commercial environment often not acceptable. For a professional CD / DVD production, a system is needed that ("Autoloader") consists of several recorders and a vending machine for changing the media and is controlled by a corresponding software. The so-called "on-demand publishing" is becoming increasingly important. Here mainly Customized discs are produced from existing data as needed. These applications require a flexible and powerful software. Thanks to its modularity PoINT Publisher meets all the requirements of a professional CD and DVD recording solution.

Various media formats through adapters

Disc Publisher II can do even more! - Besides the usual CD and DVD with a diameter of 120mm is an optional Business Card Adapter Kit available, which allow the use of the small 80mm mini CDs and so-called business card CDs with straight and rounded corners.

(Please note the exact size formats of verschiednenen adapter) 
Business Card Adapter Kit suitable for: 
- 80mm mini CDs and DVDs 
- 59 mm x 85 mm business card CDs 
- 63 mm x 80 mm "Hockey Ring" CDs

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 Why buy from ADR?

As one of the first Primera trading partners in Europe and with a team of more than 10 technicians, we are also available after the purchase nor with words and deeds. You can request us at the following services:

  • On-site installation
  • maintenance contract
  • SWAP service
  • On-site repair
  • Trade-in upgrade

Windows and MAC OS compatible

for Windows systems

  • Intel Celeron ® processor or better
  • = 2 GB RAM,
  • = 10 GB free hard disk space,
  • 1 USB 2.0 port or alternatively PCI connector for optional USB 2.0 adapter card (combo cards not recommended),
  • User account with local administrator rights

for MAC Systeme

  • 1 GHz PowerPC or Intel processor or better
  • Mac OS X v10.5, 1 GB RAM,
  • 1 USB 2.0 port,
  • min.10 GB free hard disk space
You will receive by the manufacturer a 2-year warranty when you register!

Judge for yourself:

We are happy to give you a reference customers in your neighborhood or cause you the equipment on request ago. 
Alternatively, guests at an expense allowance of a test device has, which you can test 10 days in the house. 
Primera Disc Publisher 4102 is a professional all-in-one CD / DVD duplicator system

MAC and Windows software included! Optional Network Software available
(see section Software) !


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