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The Primera Disc Publisher Pro (DVD) BUNDLE 
including 300 WATERSHIEL D 300 Taiyo Yuden DVDs and CDs. 
A professional "All-In-One" CD / DVD production system!

New standards in duplicating branch!

The Disc Publisher PRO CD / DVD copier is the consistent further development of the successful disc publisher series. Use the Disc Publisher PRO you can achieve more than twice the production throughput of up to 100 disc per hour (compared to the Disc Publisher II) in an unprecedented quality. Nevertheless, the Disc Publisher PRO is a compact, fully automatic, which easily fits on any desk. The integrated robotics transports the CDs or DVDs (Disc Publisher Pro with Blu-Ray drive in preparation) from the receptacle to the burner, then to the printer and into the storage tank.

The Disc Publisher PRO produces CDs, DVDs 
Business Card CD / DVD and mini CD / DVDs in a hurry!

The Disc Publisher PRO CD / DVD copier has two internal drives, a 700MB CDR is thus created on average in 1.5 minutes! In the DVD version currently is the latest technology from 
(Pioneer DVR-116) with two 16x burners to use the dual-layer technology dominates. 
Ultra Fast color printing!

With 4800dpi high speed printing new developed the Disc Publisher produces stunningly beautiful color prints at breathtaking speed. With a nozzle width of 2.5 cm a CD in SW is printed in approximately 10 seconds in color, there are only 26 seconds at 1200dpi print resolution. In order to produce without waiting period, because the burners and printers working in parallel from the orders.


Exclusive AccuDisc ™ technology

The new battery Disk ™ technology, which was filed with Primera's patent, provides the most accurate and most precise gripping mechanism to the increase of the CDs, which is available on the market today. AkkuDisk ™ prevents the misalignment of the pick mechanism. Also the double inserting CDs into the taping disk drive is prevented - a common problem with other gripping systems, which can lead to the destruction of the drive.


Network Integration

Using optional software PTBurn can be the Disc Publisher Pro easily into an existing computer network Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Vista / 7 integrated so that any number of users can send jobs to the Disc Publisher. Also is in the price of PT Burn software include an interface, which allows to load the Disc Publisher Pro from existing CMS. Database integration and custom content creation to CD / DVDs is possible without any problems.

Large selection of media

Apart from the usual 120 mm Media Disc Publisher Pro supports various other 
Media formats, such as business card CDs and 80 mm media are used. For this purpose, an additional media adapter kit is required.


Technical details of Disc Publisher Pro

  • 50 Media Capacity (100 media in kiosk mode)
  • Printing on CDs or DVDs
  • 4800 dpi color inkjet printing
  • 3 models available:
  • Disc Publisher Pro Auto Printer (Print Only)
  • Disc Publisher Pro CD (CD Burner)
  • Disc Publisher Pro CD / DVD (CD / DVD Combo burner as offered here)
  • Professional CD / DVD Duplikationssoftware and Label Design software included
  • Network ready (PT-Burn server / client software included)
  • for Mac ® and Windows ® systems available.

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