Primera Disc Publisher SE CD / DVD copy robot (Refurbished)

Primera Disc Publisher SE CD / DVD copy robot (Refurbished)


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Burn and print CDs and DVDs automatically! 
We present the best fully automated CD / DVD duplicator in the world 
The DISC PUBLISHER SE CD / DVD Duplicator (Refurbished)


Fully automatic CD and DVD Production 
Have you ever burned CDs or DVDs individually and then glued by hand with sticky labels? If so, then you know how much time and effort it is really necessary. Even ordering discs from an outside vendor is often complex and costly and sometimes impossible to achieve due to time of an appointment. In such moments you thought to yourself, "There must be something better!"

Now there is a solution! The new Disc Publisher SE CD / DVD Duplicators of ADR. The Primera Bravo SE is a compact, automated "All-in-One" CD / DVD production system that fits right on your desk. The colorful and high-quality discs that make the SE, your business or organization look truly professional.



Advanced Robotics

The elaborate CD / DVD burning and printing process with the Disc Publisher SE easy. The built- in SE sixth-generation robotics, ensuring reliable and Primera especially efficient CD and DVD production. While your competitors are still trying the manual loading of CD burners and printers, you can already take care of more important things.

And so does the Disc Publisher SE:

1 's robot arm Disc Publisher SE takes the intgrierten robotics a blank disc from the "Input Bin" .
The second disc is inserted into the integrated recorder Pioneer ® DVD / CD .
3 Now this disc is burned with the built- burning drive .
4 After the completed burned disk passes through the Robotics Disc Publisher SE to the high-resolution color inkjet printer - with a print quality of up to 4800 dpi .
5 The CD / DVDs are printed directly onto the surface .
6 Once the printing is complete , the robotics removes the finished media from the printer , places it in the "Output Bin" and begins the next disc

Disc Publisher SE CD / DVD duplicator performs all the necessary steps fully automatically and without any interaction from your part . This will save you time and money - and on every disc you produce ( blank ) .


Wide range of applications 
Disc Publisher SE covers a wide range of requirements from: The creation of individual disks is possible as well as the production of small to medium quantities - of course with optional personalization on each disc!

Here are just a few of the many popular applications include video and music content, software, press kits, trade show handouts, instruction and training manuals, technical documentation, PowerPoint ® presentations, catalogs - the possibilities are almost endless!


• burns and prints up to 20 discs per job 
• Superb colors, sharp direct inkjet printing

• Easy to use

• burning and printing software for Windows ® XP / 2000 / Vista / 7 and 
• Mac ® contain


Easy installation and operation

Just as easy and fast as the operation of the enclosed software for Windows and Mac PCs is to install the Disc Publisher SE CD / DVD duplicator. You only need to connect a cable, one print cartridge and install the software program. Already you can automatically burn a few minutes and print CDs and DVDs.


Durable, water-resistant glossy media

It can be used in all market printable-surface DVD ± R or CD-R media. For best results, test ADR's new TuffCoat ™ disc with a matt or glossy Aqua Guard ™ Water Shield ™ surface. These are highly water-resistant and produce their superb brilliance, an absolutely professional look!


The alternative: The Disc Publisher SE Auto Printer Model

If you already have a CD / DVD Dublizierer 
such as an ADR Whirlwind Standalone Tower have to manual firing of media, the Bravo SE Auto Printer is the ideal printing solution for a small price.

The fully automatic printer creates crisp and absolutely brilliant color prints with a print capacity of 20 discs per manufacturing process.




Main areas of application of 
ADR CD / DVD copiers:

• Videographers • Schools, colleges and universities 
• Local, State and Federal Government 
• Production and Post-Production Houses 
• Independent Filmmakers • Marketing, advertising and PR agencies 
• Musicians • Software Companies • TV and radio stations 
• religious communities 
• Medical imaging devices and hospitals 
• photographers • and much more!

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The offered device is a used system, which has produced more than 50 CDs. You get the full warranty. Only while stocks last!

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