Primera Disc Publisher Xi ™ CD / DVD Autoprinter

Primera Disc Publisher Xi ™ CD / DVD Autoprinter


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Primera Disc Publisher Pro Xi CD / DVD Auto Printer 
with 2 x 50 magazine WITHOUT CD / DVD burner 
including 4-color 4800 dpi InkJet Printer

About the Primer Disc Publisher Xi

The Disc Publisher Xi Series is the evolution of the Disc Publisher PRO , the world's bestselling duplication system with two internal drives and a production capacity of 100 discs per job.

Through the further development of technology and design the models in our product range are not only more efficient and faster, but more reliable than their predecessors. The Xi - Series is the ideal solution for the automated production of blown and printed optical media in professional quality.

Three DP Xi models , each with a capacity of 100 discs to choose from:

  • DP Xi AutoPrinter - Print Only Version without burning drive ; ideal for use with existing Duplicators without printing.
  • DP Xi Disc Publisher - with an integrated burning drive .
  • DP Xi2 Disc Publisher - with two built- recordable drives for even faster production processes.


The fully automated CD / DVD burning robot is easy to use . After 5-10 minutes, you can already start the first production orders with this unit after installation. Whether from a master , an image file or drag and drop it with the usual file explorer . With the bundled layout and printing software to create professional layouts that are then integrated into the production order. Of course you can also use your previously used layout program and import the graphics or the CD / DVD print from existing graphics programs.

The focus of the new Disc Publisher Xi Series was the significant increase in the throughput volume . Therefore, at the beginning of the development phase, all the components of disc publishers such as Tested robotics, gripping mechanism and software in terms of their efficiency and productivity and reviewed in detail on potential improvements .

The most important change was in robotics, especially in the process of media transport, consummated.

The previously used for the operation of the gripper arm drive spindle was replaced by a precision belt drive with processor stepping motor. Belt drives increase the throughput rate - in this case, the Xi series by over 300%.

Precise new gripper


Transport errors or the simultaneous gripping of two discs lead to unwanted production stops and can even damage the internal drives. AccuDisc ™ that Griffin Technology Primera, prevents this error and supply is through the combination of patented mechanics and innovative software world leader in the industry.

The speed of the seventh-generation AccuDisc has also increased by 200%.


Professional print image 
The integrated Ink Jet printing module Lexmark ®, a leader in the printing industry, which offers a high quality full color printing and the highest in disc duplication and printing systems print resolution of 4800 dpi. This high resolution can be found in any other manufacturer.

To achieve the best printing results and to really produce professional discs, use the best TuffCoat media with Water Shield ™ finish of Primera. TuffCoat-WaterShield media are water-, scratch-and smudge-resistant and have a brilliant glossy finish. 
Of course you can also use optical media from other manufacturers. These disks must be only tintentstrahl-printable.


Quick and easy media access 
In some vertical applications such as, for example, in medical imaging or video and music on-demand it is imperative that discs can be dispensed upon completion frontal.

Unlike some competitive products, this is not only integrated into the DP-Pro Xi-Series, but the media eject is automated.


Integrated 4800 dpi inkjet printer
One of the important characteristics of the Disc Publisher Pro Xi is the integrated 4- color inkjet printer latest technology , which offers a resolution of up to 4800dpi . In combination with inkjet printable media of Xi Disc Publisher prints brilliant , high-contrast graphics and pictures directly on the CD surface .
No other device in this price range reached such a top quality at this low purchase price

Various media formats through adapters
Disc Publisher II can do even more ! - Besides the usual CD and DVD with a diameter of 120mm is an optional Business Card Adapter Kit available , which allow the use of the small 80mm mini CDs and so-called business card CDs with straight and rounded corners.
( Please note the exact size formats of verschiednenen adapter)

Simple operation and installation
Even the development of the Disc Publisher II was especially laid on a perfect operation by unskilled users value . With the software you can choose between a classic software interface (GUI) or choose a step by step WIZARD . The delivery package contains the MAC and Windows software includes a full-fledged label software that supports the most popular graphic formats , a printing software for designing the print image as well as drivers and help menus . Furthermore, all necessary cables are included for connection to the USB.
( We recommend USB 2.0 for maximum performance. The device works hand you can write with USB 1.0 )

NEW! Disc Publisher Xi AutoPrinter
As an alternative to the Disc Publisher CD / DVD burning robots a pure pressure Robotics is available. It is the same device but without burner drive .. Fully automatic , you can photo-realistic printing on the media with up to 4800dpi . This variant is particularly suitable for companies which want to already have a focal robot or a CD / DVD Duplicator Tower and now also provided the CD / DVDs with a professional print image . Forget the expensive and cumbersome sticking on labels and present your CDs and DVDs in a professional appearance
300 disc capacity disc publishers and II Disc Publisher Pro

The new supply robotics for Disc Publisher II Disc Publisher PRO offers additional capacity for large copy jobs. On the base plate with robotics is mounted at the rear of just the Disc Publisher II or Pro. The big robotic arm supplied as the Disc Publisher from the extra magazines. The Disc Publisher II and PRO can work with up to 350 media execute without interruption as one or more jobs in a row. This feed will be available from the end of May .

 BusinessCard CD + 8 cm -Medien Kit
Disc Publisher BusinessKit

The Primera Disc Publisher systems are the world's best-selling products. They allow it easy to create professional printed media in the house. 
Windows and MAC OS compatible 
The Primera Disc Publisher Xi models are available for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and now also for all MAC's with installed OS X! This Disc Publisher II is currently the only fully automated copying station for the MAC world. Included with the part of the PT Burn Software Suite. Currently, beyond the point burning software included (MSRP € 1,300)

DVD and Blu-ray version available 
To meet the rapid growth of data calculation is the Disc Publisher Xi Series now available as a Blu-ray version. Create fully automatic optical media with up to 50GB capacity and archive your data in the long term with 50 years of guaranteed data security.

 pdf_logo.jpg    Data Sheet DPXi  

  pdf_logo.jpg    DP Broschüre

  pdf_logo.jpg    DP II Handbuch

 video-icon.jpg  Video Disc Publisher Clip

video-icon.jpg  Video Demo auf der Systems

video-icon.jpg  Video Disc Publisher TV




TEST the Primera Disc Publisher II 
and you still ask for a tester

You will receive by the manufacturer a 2-year warranty when you register!

Technical data of the Xi Disc Publisher CD / DVD Duplicators
MODEL Disc Publisher II CD/DVD Burning Robot
PRINT RESOLUTIONS 4800 dpi x 1200 dpi, 2400 dpi x 1200 dpi
1200 x 1200 dpi and 600 x 600 dpi
MAXIMUM PRINT WIDTH 120 mm (4.724 ")
Cartridge CMY color and black monochrome
COLOR 16.7 million and black monochrome
COLOR CORRECTION PrimaColorTM Color Matching Software

(publisher only)

CD-R: Up to 52x
DVD-/+R : Up to 16x

LABEL SOFTWARE SureThing CD Labeler Primera Edition
MEDIA TYPES CD / DVDs with printable surface ink

Intel processor with 700 Mhz or more, 
256MB RAM, emphohlen 512 MB RAM, USB (2.0) port 
Please note: For DVD-R systems Windows 2000 or XP with NTFS hard disk partition condition

DISC CAPACITY 25 Media Input / Output or 50Medien in "kiosk" mode (included in price)

(publisher only)

CD: CD-R, CD-RW, CD-Audio (CD-DA), Video-CD, 
MP3 to CD-Audio, and most other industry-standard CD formats 
DVD: DVD-R, DVD-RW; DVD + R; DVD + RW, and most other industry-standard DVD formats 
Optional BD: BD-R, BD-RW; BD-R; BD + RW, and most other industry-standard BD formats

CONNECTIONS Control and pressure connection: USB II
POWER SUPPLY 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 60 Watt (12 VDC)
WEIGHT Publisher 8,2 kg / Autoprinter 7,5 kg
MEASUREMENTS 438mmW x 184mmH x 406mmD (17.25"W x 7.25"H x 16"D)


EMC: FCC Class B, CE


Judge for yourself: 

We are happy to give you a reference customers in your neighborhood or cause you the equipment on request ago. 
Alternatively, guests at an expense allowance of a test device has, which you can test 10 days in the house. 
Primera Disc Publisher Xi is a professional all-in-one CD / DVD duplicator system

MAC and Windows software included! Optional Network Software available 
(see section Software)!






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