Primera Label Printer CX1000e

Primera Label Printer CX1000e


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Digital web printing with the Label Printer CX1000e


Print your own high-quality product labels with Primera's new CX1000e color-roll digital printer 
With the CX1000e you can quickly and easily produce your own labels at the right place. Ordering large quantities of pre-printed labels, and long waiting times and repair costs are eliminated. You must import from now on only the layout file of the desired label in the software contained PTPrint ™ included, specify the number and click on "PRINT" . click It really is that simple. 
From now on you print labels only when they are needed and only in the desired number. So you can at any time make changes to the design without having to fear to dispose of tons vorgerdruckter labels. In addition, the cost per label are often lower than that of external print providers.


Print quality of the CX1000e

Outstanding print quality

The CX1000e convinces with its high printing quality with a maximum print resolution of 2400 dpi. The difference between systems with 1200 or 1600 dpi is immediately visible. The printed image from CX1000e is fuller and more colorful. A point grid is barely perceptible, and precise color control for spot colors is ensured by the Pantone ® approved color support.


Ease of use

From the installation of the printer, to the construction of large print jobs 
- The operation of the system is always simple and intuitive.

If you initially need assistance in handling, we offer free training sessions at our locations in the U.S., Europe 
and the Asia-Pacific region to. For a small fee we will come directly to you. Once the printer is at your site, 
we help you install and train your employees.

Impressive print speed
The printing speed is 5 meters per minute. You can print in one pass up to 152 m. This corresponds approximately to a label roll having a diameter of 203 mm. The CX1000e operates a current print job from without supervision. The integrated blade cuts the backing sheet after completion of the job automatically. You get ready wound labels that can be applied manually or by means of an applicator on your products. It has never been so easy to make your own labels for yourself!
Easy installation and operation
From the installation of the printer, to the construction of large print jobs, the CX1000e be as simple as a normal office printer use. No proprietary operating system or a permanently installed PC. If you initially need assistance in handling, we offer free technical support.

A variety of material selection

The CX1000e guarantees maximum flexibility in the choice of materials and printed wide variety of substrates, whether self-adhesive paper, white or transparent polyester rolls and much more A wide range of tested matt, semi-gloss and glossy label rolls, as well as special material which is particularly suitable for the labeling of foods and beverages are available. Primera even has eco-friendly materials that are 100% recyclable.
The printed labels are water-, scratch-and tear-resistant and smudging. The material was specifically on the toner to use the color printer from the CX series of Primera tuned. The superior printing experience. A variety of pre-cut label sizes are available in stock and at any time. Custom sizes are also possible.

Sophisticated ink and cartridges

Primera's advanced toner formulation in combination with a new sensory evaluation of temperature and humidity guarantees excellent color rendering and consistent high quality on a wide variety of media types from the first to the last page. The abrasion, water and UV resistance are among the best on the market. The exchange of the four high-yield toner cartridge is easily done in seconds at the front of the printer. The built-in memory, each color cartridge to a serial number and can thus track exactly how much toner is left in each cartridge. For each job you the amount of toner required is displayed so that you can replace toner cartridges in advance if necessary. This ensures a job coping without annoying interruptions. Use as the complete content of each toner color cartridge and optimize your printing costs. 

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Advantages in the production of own labels with the casters CX1000e digital printer:

  • Lower unit costs = higher yield
  • Fast and flexible production
  • Respond quickly to market changes
  • Outstanding print quality
  • Easy-to-use printing software (PTPrint)
  • Opened new markets
  • Delicacies, organic and gourmet food
  • Wine, beer and other beverages
  • Coffee and tea
  • Cosmetics and toiletries
  • Nutritional supplements and vitamins
  • Promotional gifts and personalized products
  • Packaging
  • And much more

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