Primera Label Printers FX1200e

Primera Label Printers FX1200e


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FX1200e Digital Finisher 
Digital label processing - 
simply, quickly and cost effectively!

To date machines were for the further processing of the role of digital printing 
labels produced expensive, complicated and not very user-friendly. 
Primera FX1200e Digital Finisher sets new standards. The FX1200e was 
  Based on the requirements of manufacturing and converting 
Company to a professional finishing system in the industry format for 
designed an all-digital label production and processing


With the FX1200e you get laminated, cut, weeded and 
wound rolls of labels in a single operation. through the 
independent processing is the FX1200e with usual 
Narrow web printing systems compatible.



The operation of the FX1200e via an integrated touch screen. The intuitive 
Menu navigation makes it quick and easy to set up jobs and configure. 
The order parameter can be recalled at any time thanks to the built-in memory 
be and adjusted.

Cut any shapes and sizes 
Instead of punching forms of FX1200e digitally controlled uses carbide blades. This eliminates expensive production costs and waiting times for punching. With the FX1200e you are flexible, independent and save time and money in production. 
The Primera patent pending QuadraCut ™ technology enables throughput speeds 
of up to 6.1 m / min. 
QuadraCut intersects with up to four blades on the web. Characterized the volume flow rate is drastically increased as compared to systems with only one finishing cutting blade. 
With the FX1200e cut also pressure-sensitive materials, such as matte and glossy paper, polyester, vinyl, polypropylene, or BOPP. It can almost all shapes and sizes can be cut.


Ease of use

From the installation of the printer, to the construction of large print jobs 
- The operation of the system is always simple and intuitive.

If you initially need assistance in handling, we offer 
free training sessions at our locations in the U.S., Europe 
and the Asia-Pacific region to. For a small fee 
We come directly to you. Once the printer is at your site, 
we help you install and train your employees.


Digital solution 
The FX1200e is the ideal addition to small size label printers such as 
e.g. the role CX1200 digital printers (color laser technology) or the 
LX900e Color Label Printers (Inkjet Technology) from Primera.

With the Primera to get digital solutions for both the 
Label printing as well as for further processing - all from one source!


Application Examples


VOID labels 
These labels in foil - silver or white come on rolls and are pre-punched. Can be printed with thermal printing. VOID is a security label and is used for adding terms to the manipulation of already have labels or opening of technical devices. When trying to replace a such a label from its background and lettering leaves a "VOID" on the ground


USB stick labels 
These labels are arranged in two rows, and so narrow that they can be stuck on USB sticks. The adhesive label is made of paper and the surface is water-repellent and high gloss.


Folder back labels 
The Spine label is a photo-realistic printable and fits on a standard document folder. The finger hole is perforated and can be easily separated. Perfect to apply quickly to templates folder back


Wine labels 
The water-resistant adhesive labels for wine bottles are available with matt and glossy surface. The roll is specially designed for further processing with labeller as the Primera AP362e. Up to 1500 pcs fit on a role


Bracelet labels 
These are available in several designs, such as with holes for to-clipping and also with self-security locking. Ideal for events, patient administration and companies.


Price tag labels / price tags 
With the price tags, you can instantly distinguish your products. The price labels have a pre-punched hole are made of paper, they are available in different sizes


Special shape labels 
We can produce almost any label form as adhesive label, for example, Heart, diamond, grapes etc. can be seen here:. Small round labels, 6-corner label, ID photo label.


Labels for suspension files 
This paper labels are specifically designed for hanging files and suspension files, and can be tailored to the LX-cutter to the desired length.


Water-resistant labels 
We carry labels with water-resistant surface, as well as completely waterproof labels (polyester labels) for product packaging such as shower, gel, shaving cream, etc.


Continuous labels for banners or stamps 
With the Primera LX810e and LX900e You can print on continuous labels in a size of 21cm width and 62cm in length. Ideal for bands and banners.


Primera FX 1200e Brochure

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