What exactly is a Copytrax Artcoater?

The term COPYTRAX refers to printing systems of COPYTRAX. We, the ADR AG team, offer a service for COPYTRAX label systems and art coater. We are a professional, innovative company specializing in all types of copying and rinsing systems. We provide you and your company with products that you can use to copy and label all types of media. Our innovative devices are designed for mass production. COPYTRAX label systems and artcoaters are just as much part of our repertoire as other copier and label systems from our own production. We offer a complete service for all types of copying systems in terms of repair and maintenance. You will also receive accessories such as printer cartridges for various COPYTRAX systems.

We write service great!

ADR AG specializes in the production and production of high-quality copying systems. We do not settle for mediocrity, but produce copying systems for large scales. Our copy systems are so innovative that you can copy volumes from a master quickly, easily, and at a high throughput rate. We offer copying systems for CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, SD cards, MMC cards and many other data carriers. For our devices you will receive copy protection systems and control software that checks the copying process. Our service includes printer cartridges and labels for printer and label systems. We also grant licenses in license volumes to ensure a secure copy protection.

COPYTRAX systems - a new service and a unique printing system

COPYTRAX printers offer a unique printing system for businesses. With these printers, you can realize your own merchandising in the blink of an eye. Print and label different surfaces. From CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays or data carriers, to ballpoint pens and storage boxes. The service you can offer for yourself and your customers with COPYTRAX is unique. We have innovative, new, professional printing systems from COPYTRAX in our repertoire. Are you looking for service? We offer you unique product solutions for your company.