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Easily lease or finance ADR devices.

With GRENKELEASING you are always up to date.

Click here for the Leasing calculator leasing calculator. Under Leasee \ Calculation you can calculate the leasing rate for your desired system. We are pleased to send you an individual offer.

What does leasing really do for me?

In order to keep up with the competition, further development and investment in new technologies is a must today.
GRENKELEASING shows you how you are always up-to-date with the latest technology, without spending too much money.

The solution is leasing instead of buying.

And for very favorable conditions and especially low rates.

And what advantages do I have with GRENKELEASING?

  • You save taxes, because you can deduct the leasing rates fully tax deductible.
  • They preserve your liquidity and independence.
  • Your equity is spared, your credit at the house bank is maintained.
  • You can invest more and get ahead of the competition.
  • Thanks to constant rates, they can be calculated over a fixed period over the long term.
  • Leasing expenses and investment income run parallel - this simplifies your planning and control.
  • We are known for our fast and uncomplicated handling.
  • We offer maximum flexibility, you can use devices, e.g. also during the term exchange.

    Our products convince you immediately:

    Exchange Leasing

    You always want to be up to date technically? Then use the opportunity to exchange your leased objects for faster and better devices during runtime.
    Your installments will not increase if your new acquisition does not exceed a certain percentage of the contract value.

    Your advantage: Increased competitiveness through innovation.

    Flex Plus Leasing

    Do you value flexibility and would ideally like to lease at a 0% interest rate? Then you are exactly right with Flexplus leasing.
    The monthly rate is easily calculated:

    Monthly rate = purchase price ÷ basic rental period

    Your advantage: child-friendly leasing ideally with an interest rate of 0%.


    You want to return your leased equipment at the end of the term and thus benefit from hard-earned calculated conditions? No problem with rental leasing.

    Your advantage: Optimal planning basis with exceptionally favorable conditions.


    You invest a lot and often, you make investments dependent on the business? Then you can save time and money with the inter-delivery leasing. In a framework agreement, your individual contracts are bundled - with each individual contract, you benefit from the favorable framework conditions.

    Your advantage: Flexible investing with little time and expense.