Moser Baer

Moser Baer - well-known manufacturer for CD blanks and Blu-ray blanks

Moser Baer is one of the most important manufacturers of digital storage media worldwide. The Indian company was founded in 1983 as a manufacturer of digital time clocks. Today, the company employs 8,000 people and exports products from the digital storage, photovoltaic, and consumer electronics industries to 82 countries around the world. The innovative power and technologies of Moser Baer have received several international awards. Large and internationally renowned brands distribute products of the manufacturer Moser Baer, ​​including Fujifilm, Sony, TDK and Verbatim. Moser Baer is one of the top three of the world's largest storage media manufacturers and has a decisive influence on the technological development in this industry.

CD blanks and Blu-ray discs by Moser Baer

The storage media from Moser Baer have an excellent reputation in the industry. The good image of the company exists both with business partners and dealers, as well as with the end customers and users of the products. CD blanks and Blu-ray blanks from Moser Baer are characterized by large storage capacity, first-class quality, long durability and a low price. If you use special devices for CD blanks and Blu-ray discs that require the media identification code (MID) of a specific manufacturer, you can read this code with tools from the CD burner software or special tools. The large production facilities of Moser Baer in India with powerful research facilities allow the well-known first-class quality at reasonable prices. Especially in relation to thin-film technologies Moser Baer has acquired a renowned name.

Save, print and package CD blanks and Blu-ray blanks from Moser Baer

Here at ADR AG, you can duplicate your digital content on storage media, such as CD blanks and Blu-ray discs, and have them printed and packaged according to your specifications. The high-quality and cost-effective CD blanks and Blu-ray blanks from Moser Baer are an ideal medium for the long-term storage of your content. In addition to our standard solutions, we also offer individual solutions for your specific needs. Our qualified staff will handle every job you need to process the CD blanks and Blu-ray blanks and take care of the project right through to delivery.

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