LX610 Color Label Printer with Plotter integrated

LX610 Color Label Printer with Plotter integrated


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LX610 Color Label Printer with Plotter integrated

LX610 Color Label Printer produces short runs of high-quality labels, in any size or shape, without custom dies. This makes it the ideal proofing and prototyping machine for label production shops and great for manufacturers who want the flexibility to make any label shape on the fly.


LX610 combines color label printing at up to 4800 dpi with a built-in digital die-cutting mechanism. The desktop-sized printer comes complete with intuitive, easy-to-use software for laying out print and cut files. Users can quickly produce custom labels of virtually any size or shape within just a few minutes. In addition, standard pre-diecut labels and tags can also be fed through the machine just like any other desktop color label printer.

Ink and Substrates
With LX610, two different types of ink and a wide variety of substrates are available. Dye-based ink prints bright and vibrant colors that are perfect for prime label applications. Pigment-based ink prints labels that are slightly less bright but stand up to sunlight and water for years. They also more closely match the output you'd get from flexo inks. Substrates can include gloss and matte paper, PVC, polyester and polypropylene. ICC color matching is also built-in and automatically loaded depending upon which ink and Primera substrate is utilized. 

Included Software
A copy of PTCreate™ Lite is available for free download with purchase of every printer. This highly intuitive software allows all typical print and cust functions, including import of images, drawing of circles, squares, ovals, rectangles, starbursts and more. 

Upgraded software, called PTCreate Pro™, is sold separately. It further extends the capabilities of LX610 by adding many additional tools, including layering, export of images and contour cutting around intricate artwork. An auto-trace cut function in PTCreate Pro is speciallay useful for printing and cutting complicated shapes and designs.

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