PCIe Producer Hybrid Mini HS

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About the ADR PCIe Producer Hybrid Mini HS
The new PCIe Producer Hybrid Mini is the fast model of our PCIe Producer series. The system is prefect to carry around in different offices or locations. It is the first mobile crossignal unit in the market. So it has a separate SATA and NVMe master and target port. This way you can copy from SATA to NVMe or from NVMe to SATA.
The system is developed for engineering/developing & mobile usage. As you make 1 copy at a time we do recommend other models for mass production. For the mass production of NVMe we do offer more efficent models.

Controlling the PCIe Producer Mini HS

Just plug in your master into the left port and the target into the right port and press copy or copy&compare. This is all you have to do to start a copy process. After initializing the copy process will start.

The system works without any PC and thanks to the internal multi-core processor the system only needs to be connected with power to be used. The system is very easy to use and can be handled without any training.

Features of the PCIe Producers Hybrid Mini HS

  • Copyspeed up 30.0GB/min
  • Quick Data Copy - copies only the data 
  • Copy + Compare - copies and compares the master and target "bit-by-bit"
  • Supported OS: All (Windows, Mac, Linux and others)
  • GPT, MBR and other formats can be used
  • Supports Quick and Full Erase function (NIST 800-88)
  • Standalone unit works without PC and only needs a power connection
  • Userfriendly controller with LCD display and 4 buttons
  • Capacities up to 18TB+ are supported
  • Compact Design
  • Realtime process information in the LCD display
  • Separate ports for SATA and NVMe with "Crosscopy" function
  • "bit-by-bit" Copy & Compare function

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