Zello 1000 Multimaster Cellophane Overwrapper

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ADR ZELLO 1000 Multimaster
The ADR ZELLO 1000 Multimaster is fully automated cellophane overwrapper suitable for a wide range of products.
With its proven overwrapping technology and its enormously fast cycling the ZELLO 1000 Multimaster is one of the most high-end industrial packaging solutions in our product portfolio.
The main advantage over similar machines is the unbeatable price-performance ratio. Other machines with similar performance easily cost a multitude of our Zello 1000.
The overwrapping machine can be adjusted to different product sizes through a few simple alignment steps.
The Zello 1000 easily wraps any products with a length of 80-220mm, a width of 40-150mm and a height of 40-100mm in cellophane.
Should your products have different dimensions, please contact us. We have supplied our customers with many special versions and are looking forward to your request. Such requests are completely non-binding, of course.
Depending on your products measurements, different options of enhancing the machine's capabilities are available. For example, the Multiloader which is connected upstream to the Zello 1000 or the Collecting Table which neatly sorts the wrapped products on a table.
Even the integration of a barcode or label printer is possible under circumstances.
If you want your overwrapped products to include a rip chord in order to facilitate the unwrapping process for your customers, we also offer a Tear Tape Adapter for the Zello 1000 overwrapper.
In order to apply labels to your overwrapped products, you need the LAB500 Labeling Machine which fully automatically applies the label of your choice (price tag, barcode,...).
Due to our modular philosophy, many different ADR products can be combined into a single production line. 
During the overwrapping process, the knife block cuts a fitting piece of cellophane from the roll. Through a complex mechatronic process, the cellophane is neatly folded around the product and sealed via heating blocks. The cellophane is as transparent as Glas, offers solid protection and increases optical appeal of your products.
The products are fed to the Zello 1000 overwrapper through either a conveyor belt or a slide, depending on the type and dimensions of your products.
The VM-ADR200 especially well-suited for tight quarters or applications where no larger and more expensive machine is needed.
Despite its modest dimensions, this machine is surprisingly powerful.
The overwrapper has an output of 20-40 products per minute. The exact cycling is of course dependant on the product to be wrapped.
An air compressor with with 6-8 bar is needed to power the system.
The system is also equipped with transport rolls and Des weiteren verfügt das System über Transportrollen und telescopic stabiliser legs.


Product dimensions (mm)             Length 80-220mm, Width 40-150mm, Height 40-100mm   

Type of Cellophane                     OPP 21µ-30µ  

Machine dimensions (mm)            1500 x 802 x 1615

Power requirements                     220 - 240V, 10A, 50-60Hz, 2000W 
and consumption

Phase                                        1

Additional requirements                Air compressor with 6 - 8 bar


You want to see your products' overwrapping result? Simply send us a sample of your product and we will send it back overwrapped in no time or even create a video of the overwrapping process upon request.

You'll certainly be thrilled by the result.

We offer a wide variety of shrink wrapping and cellophane overwrapping solutions and are able to created special versions to meet your products dimensions.

A selection of our most current models can be found at www.jmvrobotique.com

Any machine can be modified to meet your needs.

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