TEAC CD / DVD copier

With TEAC copiers ADR offers a program of different, fully automatic robotic publisher systems. The portfolio includes models with CD, DVD and Blu-ray burners, with and without internal printers, as well as stand-alone and PC-operated systems. Depending on model server based systems (which receive print jobs from network clients), systems with batch-modus (for copy automation), or browser-operated systems (based on the server software TrueNet LX) are available.

TEAC AL-R8500 CD / DVD / Blu-ray Stand Alone Copier

The TEAC CD & DVD autotower copier series AL-R8500 includes, besides stand-alone versions, also networking solutions. All systems allow WEB-browser control, no special PC software is required for operation. TEAC AL-R models include a function foe batch modus, which allows programmable process automation. The copier includes 8 burners and a capacity of 550 discs.

TEAC EXPLORER CD / DVD / Blu-ray Publisher with Server Solutions

The TEAC CD, DVD & Blu-ray Explorer copier series is equipped with up to 3 burners and a transfer printer P 55B, for excellent, foto-realistic surface printing. Operation is carried out by network multiple client computing. The standard disc capacity includes up to 50 discs (with a 100 disc option).

TEAC AP-150t BD - CD / DVD / Blu-ray Publisher with Server Solutions

Also the TEAK Publisher AP-150t BD offers browser controlled operation, based on the server software TrueNet LX. This software allows access to all network clients, independant of PC operating systems. Only precondition is a common WEB browser with active JAVA, installed on each of the client PCs. Each client then can send, alter, watch or stop the copy job. This copier offers a disc capacity of up 150 discs.