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ADR CRU-Producer Master Introduction

Copying CRU Standard Carrier DX115 DC is easier and faster than ever with the new ADR CRU-Producer.

The CRU Producer comes in a 4U 19" rack and can be easily expanded as desired.
Only one Master unit is required and several Slave units can be connected to the Master unit to suit your needs. 

All targets are controlled via the Master Controller. As there is virtually no limit to the number of target systems you can connect to the Master, it is possible to realize the largest CRU copy system on the market. Copy speeds are not affected no matter how many targets you connect 

No PC is required for operation of this standalone device. You can, however, connect it to a PC to be able to make use of the monitoring tool and log reports.


This expandable 4U 19" rack CRU Carrier copy system can be upgraded to up to 254 Targets. There are 2 ADR Cru Producer models. 
The Master unit is equipped with a controller, 4 buttons and an LCD display as well as a slot for the Master HDD and 4 slots for DX115 DC Carrier targets.
The Slave unit has 6 target slots and needs to be connected to a Master. Any number of Slave units can be connected to the Master unit which controls them. Performance remains stable and unaffected by the number of target units due to our Daisy Chain technology.

Flexibility for more targets at the same speed

Supports all partition formats

Easily connect multiple units together to control more targets and create more copies at once.

Easily integrate multiple units into a standard server rack.

Unbeatable Efficiency

With copy speeds of up to 8.1GB/m we offer the fastest copy system turning the duplication of CRU DX115 DC Carriers into a breeze. The ADR CRU Producer is an industrial-grade copy system. Each SATA interface operates independently to insure performance is stable. Regardless if you're creating 1 or 100 copies, the copy speed stays stable. The data transfer speed of up to 8.1GB/m exceeds PC-controlled copy systems by far.
8.1 GB HDD duplicator speed

Supports All Formats

"Bit-by-Bit Copy" copies all data - even unknown formats
Systems & Files Copy, for known formats such as NTFS, FAT16/32/64, Linux(ext2/ext3/ext4), Mac(HFS/ HFS+/ HFSX) only the data portion is copied to save time

4 Different Delete Functions

1.Quick Erase: Done in a few seconds
2.Full Erase: Deletes the entire drive
3.DoD Erase: Deletion in accordance with Department of Defense standards

4.Secure erase:

In accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology 800-88 media sanitization standards.
Almost all new SATA harddrives support this method.

Log Report

The entire copy process together with all its details such as progress, speed, capacity, model names, serial numbers of all HDDs are recorded. That way you can revisit completed copy tasks if necessary to facilitate troubleshooting, testing results or improving quality control.
Event log report for duplicator
Up to 130,000 logs can be saved meaning the copy processes for 130,000 HDDs are saved. When copying from a Master onto 10 targets 10 logs created.

PC Monitoring

The PC monitoring tool allows you to observe the entire copy process on your PC Monitor. All relevant info such as write speed, copy time, percentage of progres of each drive and many more are displayed by this professional monitoring tool that lets you supervise the entire copy process

1.  Once the CRU Producer is connected to a PC via USB, it's possible to monitor the system on your PC monitor.

PC LINK for duplicator

2. The log report shows HDD model, serial number, copy time, copy result for each port.

PC LINK for duplicator

3. You can directly see if any HDDs have copy speed problems which could mean a defective drive. Copy speeds of each port are shown in real time.

PC LINK for duplicator

4. Choose a timeframe when exporting a log report. The selected timeframe is then exported as .txt file onto your PC. Filenames contain the date for example 20130308.txt

Event log report for duplicator

5. The system can save up to 130,000 log files. 1 Log file for each copied HDD. When copying onto 21 target drives the system creates 21 logfiles.

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