Cyclone 5 CD/ DVD Copy Robot incl. HP Excellent IV

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with 400 disc bin and 5 CD/DVD/Blu-ray writers 
Embedded network server with unlimited clients
and a web interface. 
Including HP Excellent IV Printer


About The Cyclone 5 Blu-ray Duplicator

For burning and printing CD-R, DVD-R and Blu-ray media with the best possible print quality we recommend the fully automatic CD/DVD/BD copy robot Cyclone 5 with 5 state-of-the-art CD/DVD/BD writers, 400 disc bin and the impressive HP Excellent IV inkjet printer. With its patented ADR industrial robotic autoloader arm this all-in-one disc publisher device performs large duplication volumes reliably on its own.

The modular Cyclone series is retroactively upgradable to up to 8 writers and 600 disc bin and supports 8 cm CDs, DVDs and BDs. This ensures that your investment is protected and you stay flexible for the future.

Operation of the Cyclone 5 Autoloader Publisher 

Available as individual workstation, LAN/WAN capable network version with web interface or standalone device, each making CD/DVD/BD duplication easier than ever before. The Cyclone comes equipped with 5 state-of-the-art CD/DVD/BD writers and a Teac P-55 color label printer fed by an industrial grade robotic disc grabber arm. Powered by patented ADR technology, this arm feeds and empties the writers and printer with pristine precision and timing to ensure that your copy jobs run smoothly and uninterrupted even when completely unsupervised. The disc bin holding up to 600 blank CDs/DVDs/Blu-ray Discs gives the Cyclone 5 the capacity to burn and print large disc volumes completely autonomously with astounding print quality.

The ADR Cyclone CD / DVD / BD Duplicator in combination with the HP Excellent IV is a high-end publishing system at your disposal, delivering the best copy and print results in the world. Look forward to being impressed by the photorealistic print quality. 

The device comes with an embedded PC with pre-installed Windows 7 and ADR software package. Included in the purchase is a single workstation version of PADUS Discjuggler Pro.  Network software is available at extra charge. 

This allows you to control the CD/DVD/Blu-ray Autoloader Publisher from any number of workstations in your network.
Start print jobs directly from any browser using the web-based ADR JobCreator or ADR JobArchiver software. No client installation needed in this case.  

  • Works with award winning POINT PT Publisher Software (for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7)

    (Alternative solutions available for LINUX or MAC environments)

  • Networkable LAN / WAN with any number of clients and several copystations (optional)
  • DDP support optional
  • ECR interface - Event Controlled Recording (for archiving or offline backup)
  • Direct digital-to-digital copying of CDs via "on-the-fly" or via a harddrive.
  • Can simultaneously write different copies on all drives.
  • Possible to simultaneously control several Autoloader.
  • Embedded PC / no extra control PC required.
  • Upgradable to up to 8 drives
  • Can perform the following functions:
    • Copy CD-ROM to CD Image File.
    • Copy CD Image File to CD-Recorder 
      (supports CD Image Files created by any imaging software)
    • Can output commands from Easy CD™ or any other ASPI-based disc premastering application to multiple CD/DVD/BD writers.
    • Batch Copy Mode
    • Individualisation of CD/DVD/BDs
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • This bundle includes the state-of-the-art HP Excellent IV inkjet printer.  
  • Professional Audio Duplication.
  • 400 Disc bin
  • 5 CD/DVD/BD Comboburners (SATA, CD-R 40x DVD-R 16x BD-R 15x SL BDR LTH 8x). 
  • Compare function verifies copied data.
  • High-end audio resynchronization read mode for extra reliability when copying digital audio CDs
    with professional applications.
  • "On-the-fly" sector correction.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface for beginners and experts (Windows or Linux)

ADR CD/DVD/Blu-ray duplicators are designed for 24/7 use. The robust mechanics as well as high-quality materials and workmanship make the ADR CD/DVD/BD Autoloader Duplicators the most reliable industrial CD/DVD/BD duplication machines in the world.

See for yourself:
We'll gladly name reference customers in your area or demonstrate any of our devices upon request.

ADR is the only CD robot manufacturer in the world that grants a 5 year warranty on the robotics. 
Devices are modular and upgradable with future burn and print technologies.

     Download Cyclone Datasheet PDF


ADR CD/DVD/Blu-ray duplicators can be upgraded incrementally to an ADR Tornado CD/DVD/Blu-ray  Copier with 10 drives and 600 disc bin.





  • Maximum compatibility with all burners.
  • Robust build and long lifespan.
  • Convenient BIOS updates available.
  • Embedded control PC
  • Networkability with unlimited clients.
  • POINT Software included in sale price
  • 5 CD/DVD/Blu-ray combo burners (SATA, CD-R 40x DVD-R 16x BD-R 15x SL BDR LTH 8x). 
  • Including HP Excellent IV inkjet printer
  • 400 Disc bin (Mixed Media Support)
  • 8cm CD/DVD Adapter (optional)
  • Supports the following disc formats: DVD-5, DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-Audio, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, Dual Layer, CD-ROM mode 1,  CD-ROM mode 2, CD-ROM/XA (mode 2 form 1 & form 2), CD-DA (Audio CD), MixedMode CD, Video CD, CD-I, Karaoke CD, Photo CD  (single session & multisession), HFS, ISO 9660, CD-Bridge, CD-Extra, CD+G, ISRC, multisession, name-card CD, 21 min CD, 63 min CD,  74min CD, 80min CD, CD-R und CD-RW, BD-R, BD-R DL, BD-R LTH, BD-RE, BD-RE DL

Rapid Exchange Service

ADR offers extended service options aimed at keeping your production running. The optional Rapid Exchange Service guarantees that your system will be operational again within 48h or you receive a replacement model with similar specs for the duration the the repair.

Our experienced support staff offer free premium phone, email, skype and remote access support. Upon receiving problem descriptions we create detailed analyses and take all necessary steps to get your production up and running again.

You receive a 5 year 5 year manufacturer warranty on the robotics of the CD/DVD/Blu-ray duplicator

This bundle is a limited time special offer. 
Delivery only while stocks last!

We would gladly give you a presentation of how our ADR Disc Robots function in our Showroom in Heidelberg or at one of our many partner locations.
Please contact us if you wish to schedule a demo appointment.

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