ADR HD-Producer MT series with 25 targets

ADR HD-Producer MT series with 25 targets


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+++ New: with very big racks for external harddisc housing.+++

 You can duplicate SATA/IDE/SSD/mSATA and other harddiscs fast and without difficulties.
ADR HD-Producer MT series provides the opportunity of duplicating 5, 15, or 25 times your master HDD.
The series with 5 targets is also available as an pc-connected version. You can send data to your master harddisc via USB from your computer. The process of copying will be started by the machine itself.
Speed :
Because of the high datatransfer rate of about 120MB per second, the machine has duplicated up to 7,2GB per minute.
Monitoring Tool:
With the "Monitoring Tool" you are able to pursue the process on your desktop, which has the advantage to not retrieve information on the small display.
Deletion function :
The ADR HD-Producer disposes of different deltion functions, so it is able to safely delete all data on your harddisc. (Quick Erase, Full Erase, DoD Erase and Secure Erase).
Copying function:
The ADR HD-Producer disposes of different copy modes, for example "Only Data", "All Partition" and "Whole HD".
There is a application for every inquired copying process.
Firmware updates can be executed without a high expenditure of time with a front USB-port on your harddisc duplicator.
Handling :
After postitioning the master harddisc in the first slot, you put the other harddiscs in the remaining slots and press "Copy" or "Copy & Compare". It only takes a short time until you can take the duplicated harddiscs.
ADR HD-Producer MT harddisc duplicators provides the opportunity to duplicate your harddiscs fast and cost-efficient.
For IDE, mSATA, microSATA, eSATA, iVDR and other harddiscs, you have to buy optional adapters. 2,5", 3,5" SATA and SSD can be used without adapters.
Log Report
With Log Report the system can store information about the copying process. You can export these information as .txt file and save them on your computer or print them. Therefore you can later retrace which HDDs have been duplicated to which time.
 Model  ADR1:5HDMT  ADR1:15HDMT  ADR1:25HDMT
          5           15           25
 HDD types  3,5" SATA, 2,5"SATA,
iVDR, IDE (with adapter)
 compatible formats  every formats
 copy modes
 Quick copy
 All partitions
 Whole HDD
 Quick copy format  FAT16/FAT32, NTFS, Linux (ext2/ext3/ ext4) etc.
 Display 2*20 Monochrome LCD Display
 LED Display  yellow (power), green (pass), red (Fail)
 Control Button  4 push Buttons (forward, backwards, OK, ESC
 Power supply
100V-240V, 50/60Hz
 Safety CE, FCC, Rohs
 Dimensions 24,6*24,5*20,6 cm
 Weight  6,5 kg
 Accessory (optional)  diverse adapter
The ADR harddisc duplicators are available in different versions:
All systems have 1 master slot.
The models are available with 5, 15 or 25 targetslots.

There are models for every requirement.

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