ADR SD Producer 1 to 47 Standalone SD Copy Tower

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NEW at ADR! The First Standalone SD Copy Tower With 47 Targets!

About the ADR SD Producer 1 - 47

The ADR COMBO SD Copy Tower are the ideal solution for quick reproduction of your Flash cards.

Based on the same controllers as the established Whirwind CD Copy Towers, these SD Copy Towers were develop to copy all SD formats on the market.

Every SD Producer is equipped with combo slots for standard SD as well as MicroSD cards making seperate slots or adapters a thing of the past.

The copy process is very fast and easy to initiate. Copy times are dependant on data size as well as flash card type and speed.
All SD Copy Towers are SHDC compatible!


Simply insert the SD card you wish to duplicate into the first port of the SD Copy Tower and place the desired number of target flash cards into the remaining free ports. Hit "Copy" and that's it. Create up to 47 copies simultaneously with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

ADR SD Copytowers operate independantly and are not reliant on PCs due to their internal processor and controller. A power source is all you need to get going.
Progress and status are displayed and can be followed directly on the LCD display.

A bit-by-bit compare function is also available to ensure data accuracy.


  • Standalone device, no PC necessary
  • Intuitive operation via LCD Display with 4 buttons
  • Real-time progress measuring via LCD display
  • Supports all current data formats and SD & MicroSD capacities
  • Synchronous and asynchronous data transfer
  • Up to 33MB/s data transfer rate
  • Real-time Copy & Compare for 100% accuracy copying
Regarding SD & MicroSD Media
We also offer a wide range of Flash cards from all major brands on the market to help you achieve the best possible copy result
Due to constant Flash card price and currency fluctuations, we encourage you to inquire about individual offers to suit your needs in terms of quantity and brand.


Variations of the SD Producer with different target numbers

ADR SD Producer 1-7
ADR SD Producer 1-15
ADR SD Producer 1-23
ADR SD Producer 1-31
ADR SD Producer 1-39
ADR SD Producer 1-47
ADR SD Producer 1-55


Supported Media:  SD Card, MicroSD Card
Transfer rate:  up to 33MB/s
Buffer Memory:  256MB (7 ,15 ,23 , 31, 39, 47, 55 Targets)
Copy Mode:  Synchronous or Asynchronous
LCD Display:  2 x 16 characters, back-lit
Power Supply:  110V~ or 230V~, internal power supply
Working Temperature:  5°C - 50°C
Certificates:  FCC, CE, UL, ROHS


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