ADR-Whirlwind CD/DVD Duplication Device with 9 DVD-burners

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ADR`s Whirlwind 1:9 Standalone CD/DVD copy tower

This DVD Duplication Device is an excellent choice whenever many CDs/DVDs need to be copied on the spot. Trade shows, expos, schools, churches or offices are just a few examples of typical  should be your first choice when you need to produce CD/DVD copies at home, at trade fairs or at events quickly.

About the device

Put a master disc in the top drive of the CD/DVD Duplication Device and press COPY! In a few minutes you will have 9 perfect copies of your master disc whether data, music or videos. The DVD Duplication Device automatically recognizes how many media you have insereted in the copy tower.


The ADR 1-9 DVD Duplication Device is equipped with the patented DHP Technology which utilizes the space of the internal hard disk optimally. While the disk partitions were determined from the outset to 8,5 GB (capacity of dual-layer DVD), this system only uses the amount of space to it actually needs.

For a 200 MB CD, the disk space will be no longer occupied with 8.5 GB but actually only with 200 MB. Furthermore, we equip these ADR Standalone towers with a password protection so only authorized personnel can use it. That way you can protect your data.

Application area

The CD/DVD Duplication Device is world wide popular. It is always used where it comes to a high number of copies within a very short time. Concerts, Events, seminars, church services and much more are just some examples where many copies are needed in a short time. Even service companies and service provider appreciate the speed of these devices.


On request, the Whirlwind CD/DVD Duplication Device can be equipped with an internal hard drive and a USB interface which allows you to manage the images on the hard disk . You can also transfer image files directly from the PC to the device via USB 2.0.

Furthermore, there is the possibility to equip the tower with a front USB slot or a card reader. Therefore you can burn directly the data from your USB stick or flash card onto CD or DVD. More information can be found in the category X-Tower.

ADR`s Whirlwind CD/DVD towers are the only towers which you can later equip with a patented ADR robotics. As a result you get a professional  fully automatic machine.

Try out the equipment and arrange a demonstration today. You will be amazed by the ease of use.


Our ADR DVD Duplication Devices work exclusively with standard drives. If ever a drive fails, you can replace it with a commercial burner. Or you can continue working with the remaining drives just for the transitional period. In conjunction with industry drives, our ADR tower achieve absolute peak values in life time and reliability.

Optional printing manually or automatically

As a complement to a DVD copy tower, we recommend a CD/DVD printer. With the award-winning printing systems your copies get a professional appearance, you will see no difference to a originally bought CD. Whether small editions by hand or fully automatic printing with up to 600 media, ADR Autoprinter offer the right solution for a professional finishing.

When you purchase a CD/DVD printer together with the Tower you get a special discount on the package price. Contact us!



  pdf_logo.jpg    Data Sheet

  pdf_logo.jpg    Manual


 ADR-Whirlwind CD/DVD towers are upgradeable to the ADR Tornado 
Technical details 
1 drive (SATA)
9 CD / DVD burner (SATA)
 Drive speeds CD-R to 48x DVD-R to 18x DVD-Ram to 5x
 Hard disk optional
 System requirements no PC needed
 Power supply Dual power supply 110-120 60Hz or 220-240VAC 50Hz (switchable)
 Demensions in  cm 190x625x40
 Weight  21,4 kg
 Approval mark  UL, CE, FCC Class B,TUV,ROHS
 Warranty                                         1 year from date of purchase, guarantee 2 years within the EU (extended warranty available)
 Options   USB adapter for managing the hard disk (50,-); fully automatic ADR robotics with 600 Magazine (4500,-/1 autoloader with 10 burners)

ADR duplicators are high quality machines manufactured in Germany.

Available from stock !!!
Government offices, educational institutions and Christian Communities receive a special discount of 5% on all of our CD/ DVD copytower !

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