Epson Discproducer™ DVD drive for PP-100II

Epson Discproducer™ DVD drive for PP-100II


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These drives perform above the industry standard, offering extremely accurate publishing with an exceptionally low error rate.

Original EPSON PP100-II DVD Drive with EPSON Article Nr C32C891002.  BDRPR1EPDV  Pioneer Drive for EPSON Discproducer

They come with a specific firmware and a special metal frame for easy exchange on Discproducers of the second generation. Average Lifetime per Drive is about 15.000 discs.

Original EPSON Spare Part

EPSON Article Nr C32C891008

Ist der Nachfolger von Artikelnummer C32C891002 - Ersatzlaufwerk für EPSON PP100-II
beide Laufwerke laufen in den EPSON PP100-II Geräten

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