Hurricane CD / DVD / BD copy robot with 3 burners

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ADR Hurricane CD/DVD/BD-copier
with 3 CD/DVD/Blu-Ray-burner and a 375 capacity magazine (PC-controlled)

About the device

For small to medium productions of CD/DVD/BD-R , we recommend our CD/DVD/Blu-ray copier Hurricane with CD/DVD/BD combo burners. Whether you want to create CD/DVD/Blu- Ray discs individually from a network or if you want to reproduce small runs of CD/ DVD/BDs at home. The Hurricane CD/DVD/Blu-ray copier is the solution for your needs in the creation of optical media. With its patented industrial robotics (made in Germany) this device works very reliable.

Whether as a single user, network or standalone device, never was the duplication process of CD/DVD/Blu-Rays this simple.
With the ADR Hurricane CD/DVD/Blu-ray copier you have a complete publishing system and can immediately begin to create media with professional design . With the available interfaces, you can generate directly from your CMS optical disk. Whether you want to use the device for archiving, backup solution or a network printer. The Hurricane is the right system for it.

Furthermore, the Hurricane CD/DVD/Blu-ray copier is subsequently expandable up to 10 burners and a 600 magazine.
In this way you can protect your investment and remain flexible for the future.


This device in the pc-connected execution must be connected to a control PC and can be easily supplemented with a CD / DVD / Blu-Ray printer. Of course it is subsequently replaced with a newer model in ADR systems and the printerThe CD / DVD / Blu-ray copier burns and prints the media fully automatically in one operation.

The device is delivered with the single-user software, and can be upgraded on request with the network solution.

  • Läuft mit preisgekrönter Software PADUS DiscJuggler (Optional network version)
  • Netzworkable LAN/WAN with an unlimited amount of clients and multiple burning stations.
  • Direct digital-to-digital copying of a CD with "on-the-fly," or via hard disk.
  • Can simultaneously write different copies onto all CD-R parallel.
  • Can simultaneously control multiple CD/DVD/Blu-Ray autoloaders (Robots).
  • Expandable with up to 8 drives
  • Can perform the following functions:
    • Copy CD-ROM to CD image file.
    • Copy CD image file to CD recorder
      (supports CD image files which have been created on a CD Premastering application.).
    • Can process the output of f.i. Easy CD ™ or other ASPI-based CD pre-mastering applications to multiple CD-R drives.
    • Batch Copy Mode
    • Individualisation of CD/DVD/BDs

Minimal Service Effort Necessary

  • Professional Audio Duplication.
  • 3 CD/DVD/BD-combo burners (Pioneer BDR-208DBKCD-R/DVD-R/BD-R up to40x/16x/15xBDR SL/14xBDRDL/8xLTH and DL).
  • Verification of the Master and CD/DVD/BD-copy with "low level compare"
  • Highly developed audio resynchronization reading mode for high reliability while copying a Digitalaudio-CD
    (CD-DA/ Compact Disc) with professional applications.
  • Errors in sectors are corrected "On-the-fly".
  • Decrees an intuitive and user friendly interface for beginners and experts and thus can be controlled with existing CMS or Shop systemes via ASCII-Files. (Jobfiles)
  • Alternatively also controllable with XML tickets (Windows / Linux)
  • SAP interface optionally scalable


 pdf_logo.jpg    Data Sheet

  pdf_logo.jpg   Brochure

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ADR-CD/DVD/Blu-Ray-copiers can be gradually upgraded into a ADR Tornado CD/DVD copier with 10 drives and a 600 capacity magazine.



 Technical Details  


  • Max. compatibility for all burners.
  • Stable and sturdy construction ermöglicht enables a long life span.
  • BIOS upgrade comfortably available.
  • Optional network software available
  • 3 CD/DVD-combo burner (Pioneer BDR-208DBK CD-R/DVD-R/BD-R up to 40x/16x/15xBDR SL/14xBDRDL/8xLTH as well as DL). Inkjet, Thermo- or Thermo-Retransfer printer (also upgradable afterwards)
  • Networkable LAN/WAN with an unlimited amount of jobs and clients
  • Direct digital-to-digital copying of a CD with "on-the-fly," or via hard disk
  • Can simultaneously write various copies onto all CD/DVD/BD-R parallel
  • Burns and prints asynchronised
  • Can perform the following options:
  • Copy CD/DVD/BD-ROM to CD/DVD/BD image file
  • Copy CD/DVD/BD image file to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray recorder (supports CD/DVD/BD image files which have been created on a CD /DVD/BD premastering application
  • Can easily process the output of f.i. Easy CD™
  • Processing of different Iso images
  • Audio Professional Duplication
  • Low costs
  • Multiple simultaneous duplicating
  • Verification of data
  • Data compare via Compare
  • Overburning possible
  • Decompression und Conversion of MP3/'WAV-Data
  • API-interface available
  • Alternative Linux Software available
  • 375 disk magazine
  • Supports 8cm media (optional)
  • Supports the following formats: DVD-5, DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-Audio, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, Dual Layer, CD-ROM mode 1,  CD-ROM mode 2, CD-ROM/XA (mode 2 form 1 & form 2), CD-DA (Audio CD), MixedMode CD, Video CD, CD-I, Karaoke CD, Photo CD  (single session & multisession), HFS, ISO 9660, CD-Bridge, CD-Extra, CD+G, ISRC, multisession, name-card CD, 21 min CD, 63 min CD,  74min CD, 80min CD, CD-R und CD-RW

 Rapid Exchange Service

Optionally, you can select additional service benefits from ADR to ensure your production.
With the rapid exchange service your system is set back in operation within 48 hours or you will receive a replacement machine with similar specifications for the duration of the repair. 

You get free phone, e-mail, Skype and remote support and we provide an analysis directly after the description provided by you.
After that all measures are taken to ensure your production.


You will receive a 5-year warranty on the robotics of the CD / DVD burning robot by the manufacturer.

Order an ADR test system today and see for yourself how easy operating becomes with this device

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