ADR HD Producer L600 harddrive duplicator

ADR HD Producer L600 harddrive duplicator

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ADR HD Producer L600 Series Introduction:
The L600 Series is the first SSD/HDD duplicator that's easily expandable due to its modular design and supports all known formats.
The revolutionary "Free-Chain Technology" allows for up to 30 L600 units to be linked via Thunderbolt ports, meaning up to 119 targets can be copied onto simultaneously.  
The data transfer rate is 12 times higher than Firewire 800 and 20 times as fast as USB 2.0
Several adaptors are optionally available to support an unprecedented number of SSD/HDD interfaces and formats such as:
mSATA, eSATA, 2,5" SATA, 3,5" SATA, CF, iVDR, 2,5" IDE, 3,5 IDE and more.
 legend-_accessories-1.png  legend-_accessories-2.png  legend-_accessories-3.png  legend-accessories-4.png  legend-accessories-5.png  legend-accessories-6.png  legend-accessories-7.png
The L600 supports 3 different copy modes:
"Quick Copy", "All Partitions" and "Whole HDD Copy".
If you want to copy a large 2TB HDD with only 200Gb of data on it, the "Quick Copy" mode will drastically reduce the copy time as the empty sectors will not be copied
This mode will only work with well-known file formats such as: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Linux( EXT2/EXT3/EXT4).
DoD Erase:
This erase function complies with U.S. Department of Defense standards and securely erases data several times.
The HDD is written over several times to ensure that no data can be reconstructed.                         
If you are interested in physically destroying harddrives, we will gladly inform you of your HDD disposal solutions.
It is possible to use harddrives with different capacities for duplication as long as they have at least the same size of the master or larger. 
Ultra Fast Compare Function:
The "Compare" function allows you to test your copy results for accuracy by performing a bit-by-bit comparison between the master and the targets.
Simple Operation:
Operating this HDD duplicator is very easy and does not require much effort or learning.
All that's required is a power source and connecting the devices via Thunderbolt. The 4-button control panel and LCD display make operating as easy as can be.

Material:  Metal case  / black
- Standalone System (no host-computer required)
- "Free-Chain Technology" (up to 30 devices can be linked for up to 119 target simultaneous copy capability)
Transfer rate:  65 MB / Sek.
Copy Mode:
Supported Formats (via optional Adaptors):
- Quick Copy (System & Files)
- All partition
- Whole HDD
mSATA, eSATA, 2,5" SATA, 3,5" SATA, CF, iVDR, 2,5" IDE, 3,5 IDE and more (SATA included, others optional)
Power supply: 12 V, 9 A Adapter
Weight:  1 Kg
Supported HDD capacity: up to 3 TB
Supported formats:
Quick Copy: FAT16/32, NTFS, Linux (Ext. 2 / Ext. 3/ Ext. 4), GPT, Dynamic HDD
whole HDD: all formats
Supported languages: Englisch, Japanisch, Chinesisch
Display: Monochrome LCD
Control panel: 4 buttons (Up, Down, Esc, OK)
Certificate: CE, FCC, RoHS

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