LAB510THC - Automatic Labeler for Marijuana Pouches, Ziplocks and Mylar Baggies

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LAB510THC - Automatic Label Applicator for Marijuana Pouches, Ziplocks and Mylar bags​

The booming legal Marijuana industry is poised to grow at exponential rates given the recent trend of legalization, decriminlization and increasing medicinal applications. This means that weed dispensaries, growers and pharmacies require professional packaging and labeling solutions in order to provide accurate information on the contained strains to customers and patients. The LAB510THC automatic table-top labeller unit automatically applies adhesive labels with a throughput of up to 4200 (!) per hour (depending on pouch and label size). Fine-tunable to any pouch size, the LAB510THC reliably applies custom-sized labels on your pouches, baggies and containers. Several LAB510 units can be arranged in a chain to form a complete labeling assembly line to apply, strain descriptions, weight, barcodes, seals, price tags or any other type of label or seal including ScratchOff labels.

Automatic Labeling

With the LAB510 professional labeler you can easily apply labels, barcodes, stickers, price tages on any flat packaging product with a thickness of up to 50mm, a width of 320mm and a length of up to 400mm. The universally applicable Labeller LAB510 can process paper as well as plastic labels directly from the reel. Alternatively you can also process sigils with a transparent or untransparent base. The labels can be taken from the folded carrier strap or from the reel.

Automatic feeding magazine (Option FF500)
The feeding magazine of the LAB510 processes CD sleeves made out of paper, plastic or tyvek, Jewel CD-Cases, CD-Slim, DVD-Cases and every other flat product. With a height of 325mm  the magazine can typically contain 220 CD sleeves or 34 CD cases and always be refilled while operating.

Sealing of envelopes (Option FF500)
With the option automatic feeding magazine the LAB500 can automatically fold the envelopes of CD sleeves made out of paper or tyvek and various others too. Instead of having to use siliconised envelopes you can also have envelopes sealed with a sigil sticker after they've been folded.

Sealing (Option TT500)
This option of the LAB510 seals CD sleeves and CD cases. With the TT500 option sigils can be put on to front side of CD-Cases or on CD cartons. For sealing you can use labels which are made out of paper or plastic, transparent or untransparent.

Click on the following link to download the LAB510 Datasheet as PDF:
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