Primera Disc Publisher XR DVD copy robot


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Primera Disc Publisher Series is the best-selling " all in one" solution worldwide . No device that burns in one operation CDs or DVDs and prints , has received so many awards and honors.
To meet the demands of harsh industrial everyday life, but also increasing security needs into account , the successful Disc Publisher is now available in XR ( eXtra Rugged = extra strong ) variant available.
Introducing Disc Publisher XR

Analog 's Disc Publisher II , Disc Publisher XR is an "all in one" device for automatically burning and printing of up to 50 discs at a single operation. In addition, offers the XR more product features:

  • Reinforced construction of mechanical parts to meet the requirements in Industriellatag or changing environments eg Medical field , process technology, production , music and video , kiosks , etc. to meet . Extremely long life through years of experience and advanced technology ensure smooth production in continuous use for high volume ..
  • Battery Disc ™ gripper technology prevents the recording of two media simultaneously, eg if they stick together and protects the burning drive from damage and is exclusively available only in Primera systems!
  • The complete operation , including loading media , cartridge change etc. is done from the front , what a simple integration example allows kiosk in modules or server cabinets .
  • Complete steel case with reinforced frame for stacked construction of multiple devices.
  • Lockable front increases data security , because unauthorized data removal is prevented.
  • Compact size and low height for use on a shelf or on the work table with no lost space goes , there on the XR other devices such as Computer screen O.A. can be placed.
  • Can be built in 19 " server cabinets ( 4U ) with an optional installation kits .

Advanced software

Included in the Disc Publisher XR is Primo DVD of SONIC ®, the global leader for writing software on Windows and Mac systems. 
Outstanding features of this software are the low resource requirements and comprehensive support from the media, from the CD-R bishin to BlueRay and HD-DVD. 
In the server environment can be the Disc Publisher XR means PTBurn as a server / client solution or embed programmers use Primera PTDevSuite to create their own applications. This powerful API for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7bietet full control of the Disc Publisher XR from transport and burning images to printing. PTDevSuite is available free of charge to developers.


Stacks or installing?

You have the choice between mounting in a rack or as a standalone unit stackable up to three units on each other for even more production throughput. This saves space and with a powerful computer system, you can operate two devices to a computer.


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