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Rimage 2000i - 2 CD drives
The CD complete system with 100 Magazine and 2 CD burners

The pre-configured complete system provides the central production of CD 's in a corporate network . In a few minutes, can play CD 's easily and quickly be copied or produced individual and unique. The Duplicator your data will be available on CD- R 's burned and printed simultaneously .
Here, different departments can independently and simultaneously access the CD production system.
Your network burner

... for the central production of CD 's or DVD 's in a corporate network . In a small space can be quickly and easily copied or s produces individual and unique CD 's or DVD's . The Duplicator your data to CD -R 's or DVD-R 's are recorded and printed at the same time . Here, different departments can independently and simultaneously on the CD - or DVD access production system.

The Rimage 2000i

So easy to use than any instrument in its class ! Rimage has developed with the 2000i an ideal office accessory . The patented data streaming technology allows individually each recorder or even both drives in sync with fürttern with the same or individual data . They focus on the CD and the label design - Rimage i2000 does the work for you ! Rimage 2000i is an ideal solution for the in-house publishing of CD/DVD-Klein- and individual series, in which on each medium a single label to be printed and can also vary the media content. No annoying Loading more hand . The robotics automatically burns and prints your media .

The built-in LCD screen displays the job for you at the device directly see what happens.

The system is suitable for connection to a single user , as well as networking solution (unlimited clients) for Windows 2000/XP. The devices are scalable up to four systems (CD or DVD ) to one computer. The network software is optional . With the system, only one workstation license is delivered.


Users transmit the data to be burned by "drag and drop" including the desired CD / DVD labels to the system and share the desired number / edition with . Does the rest of the Rimage 2000i automatically.


DVD media are written according to DVD -R ( General Use ) or DVD + R format , the integrated DVD burner allow you to write DVDs at a speed of 4X ( DVD ) and 16X (CD) when writing to CD -Rs. If the system is configured with Plextor Premium CD - burners , these write at a maximum speed of 52x ;


Also creating Mac and Unix CDs is supported. About optional plug -ins , users can directly produce SV and V - CDs.


All Rimage 2000 systems i gundsätzlich be delivered with 2 recorders. ( Depending on the model CD or DVD) A FireWire interface card is already included in the price.



Speed, reliability, and a 100 disc input system - combined with the CD Office Suite software, innovative inkjet printing technology make the Rimage 2000i one of the best systems and highest quality standards.


With the new printing technology from HP , which is also used in the Excellent Pro printers you get with the Rimage 2000i CD / DVD Publisher optimum print image . With just 3 picoliters the Rimage 2000i comes from per ink drops. He is not only very economical to use - it also provides a high resolution and precise printing . Dant HP's unique PhotoREt IV Color Management and Color III color optimization technology to be realistic photo prints , vibrant colors and extremely sharp text for the best Qualittät - possible directly to CD / DVD.

A simple solution for your business

Leading software solution - Flexible and scalable for individual workers , workgroups and entire corporate networks control the automated robotics of 2000i . The Sofware Quick Disk runs on many operating systems as a client (see below) The network software is optional sold separately .

Rimage offers phone support 24 hours worldwide .

We will gladly make you an offer for a pre-configured control PC.




Print technology - thermal inkjet printing



Windows 2000 Professional / XP

Number of hard drives

 2 CD burner

Magazine capacity                                                

100 Media




52x CD-R


Injekt with 4800 dpi


Recorder: Fire Wire, Robotic and Printer : USB


2000/XP; MAC OSX (98/ME/NT/UNIX / Linux and on request) client software optional at extra cost


Server: Office Net; Quick Disk und Quik Disk Java;

CD Label Softwar


Product Description


Two CD / DVD recorders, Rimage 2000i autoloader, Rimage 480i printer unit and complete Rimage Software Suite

Software Requirements

OfficeNet Version 6.4

Input capacity

100 Media

Output capacity

110 Media


W x H x D: 40 cm x 53.3 cm x 50.8 cm 
Weight: 26.31kg

Standard System Requirements

Processor: Intel Celeron 2.0 GHz 
RAM / Memory: 512 Mb DDR-200 
Fixed Memory: Two 36 GB, 7200 RPM, 
Graphics: 1024x768, (32 bit color), 60 
I / O: 1 USB port, 1 FireWire port 
Included Firewire PCI expansion card in all systems

Advanced System Requirements                                  

Processor: Intel Pentium 4, 2.4 GHz RAM / Memory: 512 Mb DDR-200 
Fixed Memory: Three 36 GB, 10000 RPM, Serial ATA hard drives 
Graphics: 1024 x 768 (32 bit color), 60 Hz 
I / O: 1 USB port, 1 FireWire port (Two are required to cross-link two Rimage 2000i units on a PC)


Easy to read LCD display 
Data streaming (with advanced system requirements) 
Network compatible (PC dependent)

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 2000 Professional, XP Professional

Supported Clients

Windows 2000 Professional, XP Professional

Power supply

100 - 240 VAC, 2.7 A, 60/50 Hz


16° - 35°C

Relative Humidity

40 up to 80%

Storage temperature

-15° - 35°C

Service OPTIONS:

48 - hour on- site service
In a Rimage on-site service in the event of an error , a technician will be dispatched to put the system on the spot again in state or install a replacement system . With these programs and services that your active production times be maximized your investment protected , limited running costs to a predictable level and avoids additional costs to incorporate new technical staff. In the service extensions all parts ( excluding wear parts), labor and travel costs as well as preventive system maintenance are included.

Rapid Exchange contract
Upon completion of a rapid exchange contract , you will get delivered within a certain time period an identical replacement system . If the error by the service department can not be solved over the phone , this exchange system will be shipped the same business day , provided the clarification can not be done before 14 clock . The replacement system will remain with you and the defective unit is returned within five working days of Rimage . This agreement includes all parts except wear parts and labor costs.

  For Year  

  Default Exchange  
 (3 days reaction time) 

Rapid Exchange
(1 day reaction time)

1. Year

  365 EUR excluding VAT 

 520 EUR excluding VAT 



3. Year


950 EUR excluding VAT 

For example, Rapid Exchange 2 years applies: +699 599 EUR

The Rimage 2000i get 1-year free software update in the same major version! With the cartridge allows you to print depending on the print density between 200 and 500 CDs.

Depot maintenance contract 
A Rimage depot maintenance contract provides comprehensive security and warranties on systems that can be repaired in our technical department Dietzenbach. Your equipment is placed on the top list of repairs and fixes. Your equipment will be returned three times faster than normal warranty service. Labor costs and all parts except wear parts are fully replaced. Send your equipment to the Rimage repair depot, and we will return it within 10 working days. The customer bears the freight costs for the shipment to Rimage. Rimage will pay the costs for the return shipment to the customer.

Software Maintenance Agreement 
The Rimage Software Maintenance Agreement ensures that you have the latest software releases and / or updates will be sent as soon as available. This service is also part of maintenance contracts described above



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