Rimage Amigo Autoloader with PRISM Printer (Refurbished)

Rimage Amigo Autoloader with PRISM Printer (Refurbished)


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In the unit offered here is a used unit from part-exchange .
This equipment has been tested and works fine.
Software is included .
The device has a drive which is Allerding very old, thus the device is
here offered as a pure AutoPrinter or for spare parts.
About the Printer
The classic thermal transfer printing method is with the Rimage Prism Plus! Printer for many years introduced as the industry standard for monochrome printing . Here , playing alongside graphical aspects, economic considerations play an important role . The Prism Plus! Printer is equipped with a pressure band optimization. It ensures that only the amount consumed on the tape is needed for text or graphics. The printing costs are reduced to a minimum. The high-performance printing in the Prism Plus! Printer shortens the production time dramatically and ensures reliable production around the clock .

The Prism Plus! Thermal transfer printer offers customers a number of advantages that are unique :

  • 300 dpi print resolution : The print resolution for standard labels delivers professional print quality with an extremely sharp text mode.
  • Stability: The thermal transfer printing technology for BDs , DVDs , CDs and creates pressure labels are immediately smudge and scratch resistant with a UV resistant print quality.
  • Full surface printing : By using special surface finish , printed the Prism Plus! the entire available area of optical storage media. From the inner ring to the outer edge .
  • Print speed: Due to the amount innovative printing technology and printing times (depending on the label) less than 2 seconds , the Prism Plus! the high-performance printer for maximum production capacities.
  • Economy: The unique Rimage print ribbon saving only the amount consumed for each print to tape as just necessary. This minimizes the cost of printing and increased yield.

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