SDD Master extinguisher for efficiently deleting files

SDD Master extinguisher for efficiently deleting files

VS Security Systems

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SDD Master

The SDD Master is a powerful extinguisher for magnetic media that , especially for reliable and safe erase hard drives , LTO, 8mm
DDS and many other media has been developed .

The V880 has been designed solution for the efficient deletion of cassettes and tapes in a desktop. You get with the V880 best performance at the best price .

With the V880 transport system you can be sure that the strips are then to be used to re- fine.

Additional security is achieved with the optional hood which ensures that the tapes can not be removed from the conveyor belt were to be canceled.

The cartridges must be placed on the conveyor belt running and then go on two erasure fields which are arranged in a V shape . The speed of the belt is 4 inches , the second ( 50hz )

  • Complete deletion of beta SP , large and small , as well as D1 , D2 , D3, small and medium, U-matic , VHS, etc.
  • Versatile high-speed device for the fast turnaround .
  • Clears up to 1000 beta per hour ( two passes )

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