SDP-02 Degausser


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SDP-02 is the only solution in the market able to degauss two hard drives at the same time and erase high coercivity data from magnetic based storage devices and removable magnetic media by applying a strong magnetic field.

Modern media device manufacturers recommend a 6000-7000 Gauss field be passed through their devices to render the data completely destroyed. With its magnetic field intensity of 16000 Gauss the SDP-02 can easily erase also large capacity, high-density magnetic media hard drives quickly, uniformly, at once. Its erasing area can contain 2 hard drives (width 8.9 cm) or 8 hard drives (width 6.35 cm). It can afford about 50 cycles continuously, making it possible to process up to 400 media devices per hour.

The destruction is complete and the data are no longer recoverable through PC or lab processes, regardless of the operating system or interface inside the media, all the information is erased. The SDP-02 can be used as stand alone autonomous system thanks to its resident embedded PC, the detailed degaussing process and its profiling can be made using the pre installed Degaussing

Process Software and directly connect to the SDP-02 external Keyboard, mouse, Bar code reader, label printer, PC and other devices.

With its solid state design but with compact dimensions, despite of its high erasing power, the SDP-02 is one of the smallest degaussing solutions available in the market and simple to move and carry around and user friendly thanks to its 7” touch screen LCD interface.

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