SuperCopier 7" Mini - SATA and USB3.0 Mobile hard drive duplicator and hard drive erase unit


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SuperCopier 7" Mini - SATA & USB3.0 data duplication device.

It is affordable and extremely fast operation, cloning data from hard disk drives and storage devices at a very high speed.
The unit can clone data in 2 mode of operations: a mirror mode with 100% bit by bit imaging, or quick capture mode/smart clone that clone the files system.
The unit supports 3 native SATA ports, 4 native USB3.0 ports.
User can clone from one source to 2 destination with SATA ports (1:2), or two sources to two destination (2:2) with the use of USB3.0 ports.
The unit is very small, lightweight, easy to carry, built-in with 7" Touchscreen color LCD display. The SuperCopier cloning application is very simple and easy to use and it designed to work with touchscreen navigation icons.
The performance of the unit is very high, clone Solid State Drives (SSD) at 28GB/Min, 1TB WD Blue SATA Hard Disk Drives at 10GB/min.
lso available is optional Li-Polymer External Battery, where user can clone 1:2 WD 1TB for 2h, or clone USB drive or any flash media for 5h.


Case: Mobile, small, lightweight, and easy to carry.
Display: 7 inch (1280X800) LED back-light color LCD display with Touchscreen.​
Secure DC-in connector: Keyed and Locked DC-In connector to avoid accidental disconnect in the middle of operation.​
Speed: Externally fast and efficient operation with less OS overhead.​
GUI: The Cloning application is built with large and simple icons and it is easy to navigate.​
Storage Interfaces: SATA, e-SATA enclosures, IDE(with supplied adapters), USB3.0​
Storage Devices Supported Form Factors: 3.5 inch, 2.5 inch, ZIF, 1.8", Micro-SATA, and Mini-SATA.​
OS: Linux​
Clone Mode: Mirror Image 100% bit by bit, or Quick Capture where the cloning and deploying process is done with copy of files only​
Flexible Port's Role Assignment: User can re-assign any port a role to be source or target.​
HPA/ DCO: Application supports detection, open, capture, resize, or erase from HPA/DCO special areas on the drive​
Bad Sectors Handling: User can select to skip bad sectors, skip bad blocks, or abort the operations​
64 bit addressing: Supports drive up to 16 exabyte​
Cloning default source ports: One SATA port and one USB3.0 port are set as source ports for cloning operation.​
Erase Hard Disk Drives operation: Use DOD 5220-22M, Security Erase, or user define pattern and numbers of iterations.​
Quick Format Hard Disk Drives: FAT32, NTFS, exFAT, EXT4, HFS+​
HPA/DCO Automatic Supports: The application open HPA and DCO areas on the drive​
Bad Sectors Handling: User have the choice to set a few options: Skip bad sectors, Skip bad blocks, or abort the operations​
Multiple Session Operation: The application can perform imaging, cloning, erase, and quick format operations.
User can erase up to 7 storage devices in multiple independence sessions, or from one source up to 6 targets (1:6) in one session,
or clone from 3 sources to 3 targets (3:3) in 3 separate sessions (With the use very fast USB3.0 to SATA adapters).

Hardware: The unit is assembled and tested in the USA
External Compact Li-Polymer Battery Option: 10AH 12V with charger. User can clone 1 to 2 WD 1TB hard drives for 2h, or clone USB flash media for 5h.
Hardware specifications:

CPU: i5 Mobil Quad core
RAM: 4GB DDR3 internal memory with optional upgrade to 8GB.

Front Panel:

Three SATA power and data ports (The SATA power connector on the unit and on the cable is keyed and has a locking mechanism to prevent accidental disconnection).

Back Panel or Side Panel Add-on Ports:

1GbE Ethernet port
4 USB3.0 ports
One VGA port for External Monitors

Power Characteristics:

Supplied universal auto switching 96W UL/CE/PSE external power supply adapter is keyed with a lock-in mechanism to avoid accidental disconnection
Input voltage: 100-240V/50-60Hz
Power consumption excluding external drives: 34W

Operating environment:

5°C - 55°C (40°F-130°F), relative humidity: 20-60% non-condensing

Mechanical characteristics:

Unit Net Weight: 2.50 lbs.
Overall Dimensions: 7.5”x 6.0”x 2.5” (190 x 152 x 63 mm)
Shipping Box Dimensions: 14” x 12” x 8” inch
Shipping Box Weight: 10.00 lbs 

included Items:

One SATA to 40-pin IDE solution
One 2.5” IDE 44-pin adapter
Three SATA data and power combo cables


Miniature USB Keyboard
​Ergo USB Touch Pad
ZIF to SATA Adapter.
1.8” IDE to SATA Adapter
Micro-SATA Adapter
Mini-SATA Adapter
SATA to USB3.0 Adapter (User can transform every USB3.0 port into SATA port with the use of external PS)
USB3.0 to SATA adapters 4 Channel Kit (The kit includes one power supply to power 4 drives):
With the use of this kit user can convert 4 USB3.0 ports to 4 SATA ports with use of one external PS at high erase speed:
USB3.0 to SATA adapters 4 Channel KIT
External Compact Battery Option: Li-Polymer 10AH 12V with a charger

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