TEAC USB copier CopyBox to 7 Series 1

TEAC USB copier CopyBox to 7 Series 1


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With the TEAC 7x CopyBox you can get up to 7 USB sticks simultaneously record on your data (software, photos, music).

With appropriate USB adapter this device can display all our other card formats such as : SD Card, Micro SD, XD card, etc.

As the source is used to either a master USB stick or alternatively copy a directory from your computer to the corresponding sticks. At Hardware requirement you need is a USB-enabled computer (recommended USB 2.0 for maximum performance).

The hardware is connected to a port on this and the USB stick plugged in as destination drives. With a simple push of a button you then duplicate the data to all connected USB sticks. You will receive a full USB copier at a premium price.




Windows XP operating system with Microsoft. NET 1.1 Framework
Processor> 1 GHZ
Memory> 512MH RAM
Hard disk size> depends on the master data
Screen resolution> 1024 x 800
1 available USB port (USB 2.0 requirement for parallel copy)









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