TEAC USB copier CopyBox USB-32HS

TEAC USB copier CopyBox USB-32HS


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With the TEAC COPY BOX USB - 32HS USB sticks can reproduce quickly and without a PC.

USB Duplicator - USB Flash Duplicator 32x

High Speed USB Flash Drive Duplication
- Simultaneous duplication of up to 32 USB flash drives
- Standalone solution , no PC required

Professional equipment for fast duplication of USB sticks.
The attractive solution is TEAC's new USB - 32HS CopyBox .

Fast and reliable

The CopyBox USB 32HS works as a PC - independent stand-alone solution and has 32 ports .
Thus, the data of up to 32 drives can be copied at a time .
The CopyBox USB - 32HS has a small footprint , fits well into the office and looks like a small Duplication Tower for CDs or DVDs.

Comfortable and very easy to use

Duplication of USB sticks is a breeze with the CopyBox USB - 32HS .
Depending on the quality of the respective USB sticks duplicates the device operates at a maximum speed of 5 MB / sec per drive.
A PC is not required.
After duplicating new sticks are simply plugged into the ports and another job can begin.


- Simultaneous duplication of up to 32 USB flash drives
- Up to 5 MB / sec data transfer per stick (depending on the quality of the USB stick )
- No PC Required
- Dimensions: 200 x 420 x 480 mm
- Comparison function for quality control
- Automatic master detection and display
- Media -driven asynchronous production without menu navigation
- LED status display on each USB port : Idle, Busy , Accept and Reject functions

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