ADR CD/DVD Duplicator

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ADR Tornado CD / DVD Duplicator
with 600 magazine and 9 CD/DVD-burner (Standalone)

About the device:

For bigger requirements of CD/DVD-R "on demand" there is no better solution as the  ADR CD/DVD duplicator Tornado with 8 CD/DVD writers (SATA) and integrated hard drive (500GB). With it`s patented industrial robotic this automatic CD/DVD duplicator works particularly reliable.

The Tornado CD/DVD-duplicator can additionally be upgraded up to 10 drives and a 600 disc magazine.

This guarantees a safe and riskless investment for the future.


The Tornado CD/DVD Duplicator is very user-friendly and it takes about 10min. to explain it`s simplicity to anybody.
The standalone version comes with a LCD screen and works with a 2 button attendance and it works as simple as a regular copying machine.
This machine is an absolute standalone tower all it needs is a power-socket. No Pc needed. Highperformance by minimal usage. Therefore the device can be easily transported to events and meetings so you can produce Media locally. Thanks to the internal ADR-RISK Processor this machine works completely "standalone".

If desired the device can also be used with a control PC over the USB2.0 interface.

  • Works completely “standalone” thanks to the intern ADR-RISK processor
  • User-friendly LCD-Display with 2 buttons
  • Expandable up to 10 drives
  • Intern 500 GB hard disk

Can perform the following functions:

  • CD/DVD-ROM to CD/DVD Image File.
  • CD/DVD Image File to CD/DVD duplicator 
  • Batch Copy Mode
  • Professional audio, video and data duplication
  • Verification with "low level compare" to assure that the copy is 100% correct

This Machine there is not Printer compatible. Printers only work with 6 drives. If you prefer a system with 6 drives and printer you should choose the Tornado modulseries. 

ADR Systems are designed for 24h usage. The tough mechanic and the first class material treatment makes the ADR CD/DVD duplication robot one of the authentic Industrial machines worldwide. ADR duplicators are high quality machines manufactured in Germany.

Judge for yourself:

We gladly name you some reference customers in your area or demonstrate you the devices if desired.

The Cyclone CD/DVD Automatic Copier can additionally
 be upgraded to a ADR Tornado CD/DVD Duplicator with
 up to 10 drives and a 600 disc input bin.

 Technical Details

  • 10 Ultra-DMA SATA channels onboard for DVD-ROM reader, SATA hard drive and SATA DVD burner up to 16x writing speed.
  • 32 MB Buffer onboard for max. security.
  • Max. compatibility for all burner.
  • Stable and robust constructiveness anables a long lifetime.
  • BIOS Upgrade easy available.
  • Optional USB-port available (for managing the Harddisk)
  • 8 CD/DVD-combi-burner (SATA, CD-R/DVD-R 40x/16x as well as DL).
  • Interne 1 TB hard disk
  • HotSwop for easy exchange of the hard disk
  • 600 Disc magazine
  • Supports following formats: DVD-5, DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-Audio, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, Dual Layer, CD-ROM mode 1,
    CD-ROM mode 2, CD-ROM/XA (mode 2 form 1 & form 2), CD-DA (Audio CD), MixedMode CD, Video CD, CD-I, Karaoke CD, Photo CD
    (single session & multisession), HFS, ISO 9660, CD-Bridge, CD-Extra, CD+G, ISRC, multisession, name-card CD, 21 min CD, 63 min CD,
    74min CD, 80min CD, CD-R and CD-RW  

ADR Warranty for the CD/DVD Duplicator:
Through the producer you will get an ADR 5-year part warranty at the mechanics of the robotics. 

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