V660 - Harddisk Degausser

V660 - Harddisk Degausser

VS Security Systems

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V660 - Harddisk Degausser

The V660 HDD is a high performance degausser for harddisks.


The vulnerability of data is a well known safty risk. Unlike other storage products, hard disks normally stay firmly in the PC installed. Everytime such a PC leaves the company, many data and customer information are leaving with it.

The data will be still on the hard disk even when the hard disk is broken.

The V660 extinguisher is the easyest and fastest way to erase those Data from such hard disks. Even though the hard disks will be made unusable, the costs of buying a new hard disc stand in no comparison to the cost that result from sensible Data getting in wrong hands.


The hard disc is being put in the V660 extinguisher. After that the lid will be closed and the deleting button pressed.


To provide the safety and the newes NCNIRP Magnetic Exosure Guidelines, the V660 can be started per remote contol over infrarot interface 

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